Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thriller on Fox & News

I'm bringing sexy back!

Having been detained to my bed for the last few days due to some flu/virus illness, I felt like I gave my best Monty Burns impersonation tonight, live on FoxSports.

I will never be accused of carrying too much weight but I feel I can hold my own in a pound for pound contest. Tonight was a different story. I made Mr Burns off the TV show, "The Simpsons" look buff and me the physically fragile guy.

It is amazing how lying around for a few days can make you feel so lackluster and weak. Trouble was, I thought I could go out and mix it with the best in a basketball game.

I do not recommend this recipe to anyone trying to look after their body.

I'm glad to report though, our team doctor has me popping so many pills something good has to happen to my body in the upcoming days.

Enough about my health, here are tonight's results and some hoops news.

"The OT" will have a fresh episode later this week.


Townsville 103-101 Sydney recap
Cairns 101-92 (ot) New Zealand recap


- Joe Ingles win POW award.

- Tougher 36ers?

- Hawks want to slow the Blaze backcourt.

- Kirk Penney talks all things Breakers.

- Darcy Harding stands tall.

- Shane Heal talks about the NBL schedule in his weekly column.

- Anstey to help out Bendigo.

- Joyce wants first win.

- Latest NBA preseason scores.

- Basketball Babies. Funny but disturbing stuff.
Can never have too much Charles Barkely!

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Dodge Taylor said...

Hi mate,

I wasn't able to watch the game last night but glad to see "my" Crocs scrape through with the win.

JVG actually text me during the game saying you didn't look well at all. At least the "ironman" streak continues! What's it up to these days?

Get better soon,