Monday, October 13, 2008

Early Morning News

Don't forget you can now get "The OT" with JR and DJ Rod via iTunes and RSS feed now!

- The unpredictability of the NBL season continues.

- Hawks Matt Campbell speaks out about the league.

- SLAM online takes a look at the NBL. Yes, this American publication is showing some love to the league Down Under. Part 1 here.

- A nice review of the games from Epoch Times.

- Spirit just looking for respect!

- Gold Coast imports need to improve.

- Sydney Spirit Coach Rob Beveridge is happy with their progress.


Blake said...

G'day JR,

Just wondering if your thinking about having another fantasy NBA League - i played in yours last year and would love to do so again. Hopefully you can garner a few more blokes/ladies that actually keep up to date with it unlike a few last time.

Send me an email (ozz13_b0y@hotmail) if your thinking about starting a new one up.


John Rillie said...


I will be posting details very soon.