Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Late Night News

36ers fans would like to see Julius Hodge icing in Adelaide, not in Europe where he is with the Nets.

Don't forget you can download Episode 5 of "The OT" with JR and DJ Rod here.

- Perth Wildcats Coach Conner Henry has worked a master stroke. Earlier today in the media the rookie Wildcats coach referred to the champion Melbourne Tigers as a "NBA-like line-up".

When I saw these comments I was wondering what state Henry's mind was in. It is obvious to me know that he new what he was on about. His motivation via media worked a treat for his team.

The Wildcats defeated the Tigers 105-101 tonight in Melbourne. (recap)

I have always liked the passion Henry has displayed on the sidelines and now he has shown that he can play mind games as well.

- "We want to be 5-0 at the end of this home stretch," Breakers Tony Ronaldson said. "I think that any team that is serious about wining the championship will need a five-win home stretch and our job's far from done yet." Courtesy of Sportal.

- Shane Heal's weekly column. He talks about there being no personalities within our league. being promoted. I agree with him as the NBL has no marketing that helps promote players into the national eye.

- Paul Henare will be back for the Breakers and he touches on the how he has been effected by the injury to his young son.

- Larry "The Birdman" Abney is back to his best?

- Gold Coast Blaze youngster Tyson Demos is ready for opportunity.

- The Chinese league (CBA) expands with two new teams but almost double their games played.

- "When I was about 11, I still remember it to this day," Andrew Bogut told JSonline. "I cut myself open on a fence. I've gotten them ever since then. I was playing football outside and bent over to pick up the football, and it was getting dark, and I smacked my head right on it."

Andrew Bogut explains why his migraines happen.

- James Posey and his winning touch can now be found in New Orleans.

- Second year Portland rookie Greg Oden finally hits the court.

- After 22 years Elgin Baylor is no longer with the LA Clippers.

- "When she pulled up to my house and started yelling at me after she fired a fake gun at me, I couldn't help but to start yelling back at her," Luke Walton said. "She was in my driveway. But when we were interacting, I could tell by the stuff she was saying that she's not all there in the head -- which makes me feel bad for her." Article courtesy of the AP.

- Orlando Magic pick up option on J.J. Redick.

- If "The Hoop" is on the money, Lithuanian power club Zalrigis his heading for bankruptcy.


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Julius Hodge has the ugliest shot in professional basketball, he should ask JR for shooting lessons.

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