Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kendall A Cat, Homicide in NY & News

- Luke Kendall has come out of hibernation and has signed with the Perth Wildcats.

- Corey "Homicide" Williams has been named Pro City player of the summer in the USA. Link here, but scroll down the link to find story.

- Perth coach Conner Henry is happy with Kendall signing.

- Cairns Taipan Darnell Mee named Player of the Week.

- I back myself!

- Hawks looking to string a few wins together.

- Brett Maher needs the ball!

- 36ers leave Anstey alone.

- Sixers to tinker with lineup.

- Scott MacGregor to miss game.

- Mark Worthington is injured but should play against the Tigers on Saturday.

- Crocs are ready to rumble after a 13 day layoff. (audio as well)

- Are the Phoenix Suns changing their identity?

- WorldHoopsBlog has a good run down of the latest NBA preseason results.

- Magic and Van Gundy join the ESPN family.

Kendall interview in Perth


Anonymous said...

do you think as early as friday nigth against the crocs at the swamp?

DJ Rod said...

i hope not

ryan711 said...

Clips from 2nights news


Glockers said...

Good call JR, the story only hit the wire 6 hours later. They are hoping he is good for Big Wednesday, so i say you will face him in Townsville.