Friday, October 3, 2008

Milestones For A Couple Of Crocs

The little fellow brings up game 200 tomorrow.

This week’s game against the Perth Wildcats will be Kelvin Robertson’s 200th game in a Crocs uniform. The local product will become only the second player in franchise history to reach this milestone,the other being NBL legend Rob Rose who donned the Crocs colours 258 times.

This is a fantastic achievement. Townsville’s local competition could not have written a better script to promote themselves and what you can achieve by making your way through the system.

Here is a guy that started playing in the local comp as a junior and gradually worked his way up year after year until he reached the pinnacle of his sport. Kelvin’s progress should definitely demonstrates that hard work can get you to where you want to be no matter if you are from the big city or a sleepy little town in Far North Queensland.

And if I was a betting man, I’m taking Kelvin to become the most capped Croc in history because I just don’t see Kel in anything other than Croc green during his time in the NBL.

Congratulations Kelvin, I hope you have a big game.

While speaking of milestones, it was an honour to see Kevie Sugars inducted into the Crocodiles Hall of Fame at the game last Saturday night.

I have known who Kevie was since I was a young punter going to basketball games in Toowoomba where my father would always point Kevie out (albeit he was already in his managerial role by then) and comment on what a good player he had been for Queensland.

Since his playing days ended, he has managed the Heat/Suns/Crocs teams with as much vigor and enthusiasm as he spent playing the game he loves.

For anyone who doesn’t know him, there are very few words to describe what Kevie means to our club. He is Mr Basketball in Townsville and I doubt anyone who knows him could think of another person more deserving of induction than Kevie Sugars. I, personally, have yet to meet anyone with more passion for the Crocs.

This week’s match up against the Perth Wildcats will be the first of four times we will meet this season. Oddly, we will play two of these four games back to back over the next couple of weeks, and both will be at the Swamp. A little NBL scheduling ‘creativity’ is to blame for the Wildcats to-ing and fro-ing and can be chalked up to Singapore’s inability to continue in the competition.

Although I am certain you will hear multiple complaints throughout the season about scheduling, I think if you had a look at each team’s draw, you would find the same issue appear at least once in every team’s scheduling. It all comes down to venue availability

In Townsville, the Crocs are fortunate enough to have a high level of priority in our venue, which I have learned through my travels, is a luxury when compared to many other NBL teams. Most teams will simply be told what dates they are allowed to use their game venue after other events have already been booked in. Yet another reason I am glad to be a Croc.

Which leads me to my final topic,…

Last weeks column certainly created a stir. Cairns Taipan Martin Cattalini’s response to my question of whether or not we would see Cairns in the new elite competition next season was to call me an “idiot”. And if I recall correctly he also said that “I had spent too much time in Clownsville”.

Well Martin, I have no problem taking on the role of village idiot of Clownsville as long as I continue to get the last laugh at you and your team heading home with your tail between your legs!

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