Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"The OT" & My Stroke Is Perfect

Episode 5 of "The OT" with JR and DJ Rod is here. Guest of the week is Crocs 200 gamer Kelvin Robertson. Besides dropping clutch threes this guys has jokes and does impersonations. Amazing talent and worth a listen. Along with the usual reviews and previews of games, we have another competition and song dedications to some players around the league.

Thanks to the Basketball Professor for proving this YouTube moment. Although the video does not focus on the end result of all the first twenty shots, I can assure you they all went in. (I only take 10 shots from those spots. The goal was to make 10.) You can see the next 30 tickle the twine though.

Can anyone else step up to the plate and knock down fifty in a row?


M & C said...
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M & C said...

sorry JR, your foot was on the line for at least 6 of those shots from the top of the key...they don't count. Please try again :)