Sunday, October 12, 2008

Google Analytics

Please excuse me while I 'get my nerd on'. A couple of weeks ago I branched out into the world of Google Analytics.

I know I have lost half of you already but trust me, two weeks ago I was lost too. Let me explain. What this tool allows me to do is see where my traffic is coming from and how much time each person spends reading. If stats are your thing, Analytics is for you.

What I can tell you is the NBL fan is alive and well in the cyber world. The Australian basketball fan using the net gives me plenty of attention. Despite what happened in the off season, Sydney hoop junkies hit me up more than anyone else in Australia.

Although Brisbane has no NBL team, they are still looking for their hoop Jones on Jr, On Fire. A big thanks goes to those in Bris Vegas for keeping the numbers ticking over.

Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth residents have only proven what most Australians already know,...they love their sport. Thanks goes out to you for your support as well.

Let's look at the international landscape. Thanks to Mookie and Paulie Danger I'm making inroads in the US marketplace. They are the second largest audience on a global scale after my home country.

Thanks to my boy Brad Newley, Greece has a strong hit count. Hope his numbers look a little better than his home town 36ers when he hits the court in a couple of weeks.

One place I certainly need to focus on is China. Only six visits from China and I'll say all of them are from my former West Sydney teammate Grant Keys. I will endeavor to attract more attention one way or another from this region, and hope to accomplish this task with significantly more success (and strategy) than the NBL did a few short years ago.

One place I was surprised to see on the map with a visitor from Iceland. Initially I thought it had to be a one off fluke, right? But then I got to thinking,...there has to be at least ONE basketball junkie in Iceland, right? Cheers to you, my friend, and thanks for dropping by.

Joining Iceland in my surprise basket were Romania (10 hits), Cyprus (1), India (2), and Argentina (1) to name just a few. Just goes to show you that you never know who is paying attention.

Now, I am certainly no salesman for Analytics, but my inner nerd has discovered its value (not to mention the fact that it becomes a pretty cool talking point).

So anyway, now that I have said my piece I would like to thank the people who have dropped by this site, especially the diehards that swing by on a regular basis. Using a tool like this gets me more excited about the possibilities for and the future of basketball,...and that is my world.


Paul Miles said...

A full half of my Aussie traffic (almost 600 hits in 2+ months) has come from JR On Fire. So I think I can directly attribute all the NBL coverage on the site to that fact.

Glad to see you finally joined the realm of stat geekery. You should see how many different stat pages I look at every day. SiteMeter, ExtremeTracker, BallHype, Google Analytics, then for the adverts I look at AdSense, Adify, AdBrite and EntreCard. Imagine how good my site would be if I spent all that time studying basketball!


Kelthoctor said... is also running analytics, it's a good tool and there is a lot more to it than what it shows on the surface.

JR has provided a quarter (150) of Australian visits in the last month, trailing Ozhoops - i guess my footer is working :P

I've been getting training from a Google certified team to try and get the most out of it.

The site i use it on for my real job gets about 5 million visits per month. If only i could sneak a banner/link to asaspace on the homepage :(

It does struggle to differentiate Sydney/Wollongong visitors.

Paul Miles said...

Keith, thanks for linking up to me. And it looks like I should get active again on Ozhoops, huh?

Anonymous said...

JR, dont forget about your boys over here in the UK!!

Regular reader, keep it up mate!!!

Dan W.

Snoop Wogg said...

Those hits in China might have been me when I visited Keys IV in April!