Tuesday, October 28, 2008

News and Fellow Blogger Doings

Big Luke is wishing this was his Player of the Week prize.


- Luke Schenscher wins NBL Player of the Week Award. For more on my feelings about this tune into "The OT" later tomorrow when Episode 8 is available.

- Matt McQuade hits us with his early season thoughts.

- Q & A with Dragons Mark Worthington.

- Weekend boxscores for:
Brad Newley
Daniel Kickett
Steve Markovic
Aleks Maric
Wade Helliwell
David Andersen

- Andrew Bogut will play in the Bucks season opener against Chicago tomorrow despite battling an ongoing ankle injury.

- Nathan Jawai will start the season with Toronto on the inactive list.

- "Mike's (Dunlap) a smart guy,'' (George) Karl said. "I don't think he needs a head job." Read the complete article here at the Rocky Mountain News. Some of us may disagree with George Carl, but to find out more on the former Adelaide 36ers head coach Mike Dunlap and his decision not to become the Arizona Wildcats head coach, click here.

- Monta Ellis breaks his silence on that Mo-ped mishap.

What other bloggers are talking about

- The Sport Count previews the Southeast division of the NBA.

- WorldHoopsBlog has 10 top plays from Euroleague.

- Glockers has his NBL team of the week.

- Carolyn and her Cavs have plenty on their plate.

- BestOffGround tackles some recent NBL issues.

- ASternWarning talks about "Boobie" and how he fits.

- AsaSpace thinks Russell Hinder is a champ!

- Cam's Jungle - what else but loads of Wildcats info.

- There is a new kid on the block. Check him out.

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Snoop Wogg said...

Thanks for the Stevie M update, coudln't find him on the net last week! Solid numbers too. And Newls seems to be going alright too. Do you know if he's been paid yet - I'm sure you filled him in about making sure he gets in line early for his cheque! And how exciting is the 10hd sports channel. Just hope the NBL can get their heads on their too. Can't wait to see how much NBA they'll show....

DJRod said...

listen to the OT Ep8 - we talk evenmore about those things, Snoop