Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Somebody call a doctor,...

JR's tonsils are On Fire!
Please excuse the temporary break in the action while I rest up for a big one on Fox Sports tomorrow.

I'll be back bigger and better than ever after I sleep it off.


Anonymous said...

Went to a Spirit game the other day with the Sport Count fellas. We had a scorcher of a time.

Sure, only about 500 people turned up... but we were courtside (as in, on the court) for $20 a ticket. That's the best value ticket in the world.

Was told some great jokes by Billy Mildenhall's assistant ref too.

Anonymous said...

you can call the Love Doctor .... http://theradio.com.au/WebSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=813&ProgramID=83&Station=HOTFM_103.1_Townsville

Dodge Taylor said...

Sorry to hear that ... having not posted for a couple of days I wondered where you had got to. Hope you feel better soon.

I'm about to book tickets for the Blaze game, so hope to see you then.

Brody said...

Congrats on the win tonight JR.

IIn my opinion your three in the 4th quarter won the game for the Crocs, although Homicide may try and take some of the credit.

Anonymous said...

Guess what? the nbl got a run on sports tonight! first time ive seen nbl on sprts tonight other than the finals series!