Thursday, October 16, 2008

Episode 6 and News

Episode 6 of "The OT" with JR and DJ Rod is now available, right here.

In this edition we catch up with the soft spoken import for the Sydney Spirit Derrick Low, review and preview of NBL games, join our NBA fantasy league and DJ Rod has a new and easy competition for you to enter.

Please enjoy.

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- Perth Wildcats have a convincing 89-77 win over the Wollongong Hawks. game recap

- Spirit fire up over Goorjian comments.

- No excuses from the Breakers.

- Cameron Tovey ready to battle ex-teammate.

- How are the crowds going in the North?

- Rosell Ellis is ready to explode.

- Sydney Spirit are spreading the word.

- Goorjian the villain.

- Shane Heals' weekly column. This week he talks about the Boomers job being full-time.

- NBA preseason results.

- This is for NBA fantasy lovers. A preview of the Southwest division courtesy of many bloggers.

- TheSportCount take a look back at the NBA in the mid 90's. Good read boys.


Goose said...

If Townsville is wondering why crowd numbers are falling this year, maybe it's due to nobody in Australia even knowing the NBL season has started? No Foxtel coverage, no season media launch... This is unfortunately being seen by the league itself as a "transition year", so why should fans view it any differently? Maybe a year off rather than a half-assed attempt at a season might have been a better decision?

ryan711 said...

hey Jr rusty is calling u out lol on the The homicide wrap

Anonymous said...

in reply to goose - or maybe it is due to the CEO being a knob. can someone tell me how long this guy will be allowed to upset basketball fans and turn people away from our great sport? it is a travesty.

JR thanks for promoting the game in a positive way for the fans. You are going about things in a much more subtle and productive way, mate.

John Rillie said...


I just think a year off would hurt the game more. What would all the players do for a year off?

Many players feel the same about what you arre talking about.

John Rillie said...


I'm just trying to the fan another outlet to keep in touch with this great game in this country.

Please keep reading!