Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Morning News and Scores

Always a long walk to the car when you have returned a loser.

- Sixers import to go?

- Melbourne teams get the win.

- Hawkins sidelined for two months, expect Blaze to have a new import, soon.

- Maher misses game due to calf problem, again.
- Breakers showing they can win on the road.

- Crocs fail to tame Tigers.

Round 6 scores

Crocs 103-101 Spirit
Taipans 101-92 Breakers
Hawks 98-96 Blaze
36ers 93-104 Wildcats
Tigers 110-97 Crocs
Dragons 94-65 Taipans
Blaze 113-116 Breakers
Spirit 99-86 Hawks



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ryan711 said...

clips from the news jr