Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bogut's Bucks, NBL Results and News

Will the Bucks make the playoffs? I don't think so.

Yesterday I caught my first bit of NBA preseason action, all thanks to ESPN. It just so happened to be Aussie Andrew Bogut and his Milwaukee Bucks and the Monta Ellis-less Golden State Warriors in Beijing. (Plenty of mopeds to ride in China, Monta!)

Now, I honestly want the Bucks to have a great year because I believe there would be a good spin off for the sport Down Under, via Bogut receiving extra media attention due to the team's success.

After watching the game though I feel that new coach Scott Skiles will be in for a long year.

I feel confident in saying Bogut will average a double double and continue to pass the ball well from the post, while continuing to develop his all round game. The Bucks though have no guy to pick up the slack if Bogut has a quiet night or when he sits with foul trouble.

Dan Gadzuric and Francisco Ellison will provide energy but they certainly do not scare anyone.

I like rookie Joe Alexander but he will take time. His perimeter game has to be honoured and his athleticism and skill should lend to a good low post game over time. With Michael Redd and Richard Jefferson already established players, Alexander will have to learn quickly where his shot will appear, most likely on the offensive glass.

I believe this draft choice will work better than Yi Jianlian. I saw Yi over the offseason and would question whether he has the mental toughness to develop into a reliable NBA player.

Charlie Villanueva can score the ball but is he really a difference maker on this team? I question that but he could be a great pick up for a team that is looking for an offensive spark off the bench. I would try to trade him for a point guard!

Let's move to the perimeter. With the pairing of Redd and Jefferson, the Bucks have two guys that are capable of scoring enough points on any night to win a game but they cannot win enough games on their own to make a run at the playoffs.

Redd has shown that he can score in the league while his team struggles to make the playoffs. It is time for him to show that he can help his team advance to the playoffs, otherwise his legacy will remain as a good scorer on a bad team.

Did he learn anything from his Olympic experience?

Jefferson has been to the NBA Finals with the New Jersey Nets, twice. I'll be interested to see what he brings to the Bucks on a nightly basis. He is best in the open court but unless the Bucks defense improves under Skiles, the Bucks inbound the ball way too much for Jefferson to be at his best.

He has been blessed to be running the lane with Jason Kidd delivery the rock to him over the majority of his career. How will he go with Luke Ridnour, Ramon Sessions and Tyronn Lue diming him up?

Now to the point guard position. You lose Mo Williams and get Ridnour in return. Looking from the outside in, I'm guessing this is not a Scott Skiles' type of guy.

Ridnour can make great decisions in the open court but once in the half court his perimeter shooting really lets him down. Teams (Warriors did) will double team off of him and make his jumper beat them. He may penetrate but unless his floater/teardrop is going on the night, he will be the guy teams make beat them.

Teams will not help off of Redd or Jefferson so Ridnour needs to find a way to finish.

Lue may find some extra minutes as he does a good job of dogging the ball carrier on defense and can knock down the perimeter "J" a little better.

Buck's fans may be able to help me out here. Is Charlie Bell the answer at the point guard position or is he too offensively minded to help here?

I watched this preseason game in hope of seeing something promising from these Bucks, but I just saw more of the same of past years.

Unless Joe Alexander has a ROY type year or Bogut has an All-Star type season, the Bucks will again win around 30 games and miss the playoffs. The Bucks last playoff season was 2005/06.

I really hope I'm way off the mark here as the Bucks having a good year will help the sport of basketball in my native Australia.

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