Sunday, October 5, 2008

Round 3 Results & News

Don't forget about the "caption" competition and Episode 4 of "The OT" is now available.

After a good win and an early morning swim I will now fill you with all the news from over the weekend.

Round 3 results

Perth 105-92 Wollongong recap
New Zealand 118-80 Adelaide recap
Gold Coast 90-107 South Dragons recap
Cairns 77-101 Melbourne recap
Wollongong 95-114 South Dragons recap
Townsville 97-80 Perth recap



Cortez Groves saying all the right things.

Trevor Gleeson talks up 200 gamer Kelvin Robertson.

Brian Goorjian wants to see the Sydney Kings back in.

New Zealand shooting guard Kirk Penney believes the Breakers can get better.

BestOffGround blogs about the import saga confronting the South Dragons.

Other Hoops News

You want to know more about this season's Euroleague, check out WorldHoopsBlog and the video link for complete coverage.

TheSportCount takes a look back at Magic Johnson via YouTube.

Homicide's TV Segment -All the things you need to know about Cam Tovey


mookie said...

Homicide with a smooth transition over to being a TV host...

Dodge Taylor said...

Funny stuff, Homicide trying to steal JR's role as the face of the Crocs. I wondered why he was hosting the segment ... but then it all became clear at the end. "Sure Channel 7, I'll ask the hard hitting questions for you, as long as I can plug my new kicks at the end" ...