Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Episode 4 of "The OT"

I'm happy to say we are getting better at this podcasting thing. On Episode 4 of "The OT", you will hear from Adelaide 36ers Brett Maher. Having just played his 500th game in the NBL I'm sure there is something for everyone in his interview.

We have introduced a competition with prizes to be won as well as a review/preview of all the games. We throw out a challenge to about linking the "underground" NBL media section.

Don't forget to let us know how you think we are travelling -


- Perth 105-92 Wollongong recap

- "I'm fine, I'm normal," the 6-foot-10, 280-pound Nathan Jawai said yesterday. "I haven't had any symptoms or anything. I'm breathing okay and everything's fine." Read more on Jawai's health thanks to Also check out what the Bamaga big man had to say at Toronto's Media Day.

- "Shane (Heal) has a real strong personality and in all honesty he's done a lot of things for this club and put a lot of things in place," said South Dragons coach Brian Goorjian. has the rest of this article.

- "They're talking it up a bit and they are a good offensive team, just as we are too," New Zealand Breakers Dillon Boucher said. Thanks to click here for the rest of the article.

- "He (Stephen Black) had a great game, they switched a lot on him and when the bigs switched on him he just took 'em on and shot the ball over them or went past them," Cairns Taipans Coach Alan Black said. Thanks to here is the complete article.

- Your time is done, Eddie Groves. Mr Groves is no longer in control of ABC's Learning Centres.

- Former Razorback (dubbed the next Leroy Loggins by his coach at the time) Jermaine Blackburn is still playing.

- Click here if you want to listen to tonight's Wildcats/Hawks game.

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Dodge Taylor said...

First the Joyce-send up skit to start and then the continuing Clownsville (thanks Cat) remarks throughout ... funny stuff boys!