Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Late Night News

"The OT" went into overtime tonight (should be available tomorrow) so I only have the news for you.

- South Dragon forward Mark Worthington is named NBL "Player of the Week".

- Martin Cattalini makes public apology.

- Perth Wildcats are banged up but they have to solider on despite "big" weekend ahead.

- Tigers coach Al Westover believes his team will only get better. Chris Anstey agrees.

- Breakers Paul Henare will be back in uniform this week.

- Gold Coast Blaze feel as though they will remain in the new competition next year.

- Former Croc/Breaker import Wayne Turner signs with team in Kentucky.

- More news on Nathan Jawai's irregular heartbeat should be know with the next few days.

- Andrew Bogut misses preseason game due to a headache.

- If you like Meatloaf, the musician not the food, check out how much he is into sport.

- LeBron James makes comment that he will "go nowhere" amidst all the speculation he will flee Ohio once he is a free agent.

- If you're an NBA fan and want to get a in depth report on the Atlantic Division, this is for you.

- Glockers names his NBL team of the week.

- D-Wade to stay in Miami?

Time for bed, see you tomorrow!

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