Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Love Doctor Edition

The Love Doctor has arrived. Click on the image (left) for some of his tips.

This is a must listen for everyone but in particular the ladies who have love problems. My teammate Rosell Ellis has a weekly segment on a local radio show and this morning they added "The Rosell Love Line" to the program.

I can see it already. Women from all over Australia are going to be burning up the phone lines every Thursday morning to have the Love Doctor cure their bedroom problems.

I have not laughed so hard for ages. Here is the soothing voice of The Love Doctor, Rosell Ellis.


- New Zealand Breakers (3-0) keep on rolling. The smashed the Adelaide 36ers (2-2) 118-80. 36ers travelled to Auckland rather shorthanded. No Adam Ballinger, Aaron Bruce or Paora Winitana for the men from South Australia.

Once again the Breakers shot a good percentage from downtown, 15-28.

- Corey "Homicide" Williams is playing smarter.

- Perth's CEO Nick Marvin and his Facebook comments.

- Perth Wildcats feel they are gaining momentum. Conner Henry likes it to.

- Cairns Taipans are hoping to break 8 game losing streak against the Melbourne Tigers.

- Wollongong Hawks ready to bounce back.

- Tigers owner Seamus McPeake and Dragons Mark Cowan both feel they are worthy of a franchise in the new league.

- Boti Nagy has some words for NBL CEO Chuck Harmison.

- South Dragons (3-2) get the franchise's first win over the Gold Coast Blaze (0-4), 107-90.

- Adelaide girl "Ashley" hits the "BIGTIME", NBA cheerleading in Minnesota for the Timberwolves.

- Adam Caporn to coach in the WA state league.

- My Philly blogger friend Paulie Danger gets a Q & A with one of the best in the business, Carolyn from And One. Paulie loves his NBL.

- TheSportCount have come up with a creative pictorial of Tracey McGrady.

- I have been slack with NBA info so check here for the latest from the USA.

Impressive Interview


Andrew said...

Oh man, Rosell is awesome. I am still depressed that he's not playing for the Wildcats. However, after hearing that clip, it's probably for the best, because my wife is just about ready to leave me for The Love Doctor.

And One said...

Hey - what does a girl have to do to get a link exchange going here?

Paul Miles said...

Carolyn. You have to start pumping JR full of Dan Dickau updates.

M & C said...

Lol at the cheerleader....How did your squad get its name?

"The 36ers started in 1936, so that’s it."

I wish basketball had been around that long...

John Rillie said...

And One:

All you have to do is ask. I did not want to cramp your style. Can I get the same favour in return?

Dodge Taylor said...

That is some fine work from Rosell, he's a beast on the court (when healthy) and now he's teaching cougars how to keep their younger men happy?! What can't he do ...