Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vics Are Back In

In some great news for basketball it seems that Victoria is back on the map for the "new" league that will be kicking off in October.

It was hard for me to imagine the "home" of basketball not to have a presence at the highest level.
This article is courtesy of AAP.

BASKETBALL Australia says it will now attempt to have eight teams in the new men's National Basketball League, including a representative fromVictoria.

BA chief executive Larry Sengstock said a meeting of the seven clubs which have submitted expressions of interest for the new competition to replace the former NBL decided it would proceed with plans for a league starting later this year.

But despite the withdrawal of the Melbourne Tigers and the South Dragons from the planned league, BA and the other seven clubs have decided they will find a Victorian representative to add to their ranks.

Cairns, Townsville, Wollongong, Adelaide, Perth, New Zealand and Gold Coast have all agreed to be part of the new league.

Sengstock said discussions were under way with several interested parties to be Victoria's representative in the new competition.
Sengstock said BA would proceed with plans for a 28-match home-and-awayseason - each of the eight teams playing the other four times a year.


Anonymous said...

So .. the big question is .... who will that Victorian Team be ????

Anybody have any ideas ???????

Isaac said...

I doubt they're anywhere near sorting it all out yet. For an association team, to compete against $1m rosters is going to be too much, and I doubt BA can afford to fund their involvement or request funds from the other teams.

I think the league, media and others involved (players/fans) need to be careful of making grand statements (like, "Vics are back in") because all this "there's a league, it's over, it's going ahead, it's derailed, back on, one team short, new victorian team, oh wait not yet" could really detract further from the flailing efforts of the sport at this level.

As for who the team will be, apparently not Knox.

Rach said...

Well said Isaac.
Complex business decisions don't happen at the push of a button simply because people outside that involvement and understanding want their answers now.
The catch titles are a bit premature, but whatever gets a headline!

ClintDogg said...

No1 will support a new Melb team. Look how long it took the dragons to gain support.

It wont be the same with no Melb Tigers no matter what any1 says.

mookie said...

I'd love to think that this was true, but wasn't there a point when the powers that be said that they would ensure that someone was given an entry for a Sydney team, no matter what? That seems to have lost all steam.

The waiting game continues.

Anonymous said...

that is the problem - the longer it takes to find an 8th team - even after they made an announcement of 7 teams - the more ppl are unsure... players, sponsors, employees, fans etc.


Anonymous said...

The Saga continues ... today it is reported that WA basketball is apparantly booming... yesterday the news was that the CEO of the Perth Wildcats told Rob Beveridge and his players to look for another job.

This thing has got so many twists and turns ... no wonder everyone is so confused, frustrated and had enough!

Anonymous said...

no1 cares what DJ Rod says, pure trash and has not a clue.

He Uses big words 2 make it look like he knows what hes doing or saying.