Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smashing Good Time

For the people that missed it, Orlando Magic centre Dwight Howard put a halt to today's Eastern Conference Final for a short period of time. Howard beasted the backboard on a dunk which resulted in the shot clock collapsing.

Check out Howard's work but I have dug up some old footage of other assaults on the glass.

Shaq shows Howard how to really do a number on the backboard.

I will always remember this Jerome Lane finish. It was 1988 and I would stay up late at night to catch Al Michael's and his Sports Machine Highlights.

And who could forget Chocolate Thunder, Darryl Dawkins.

This is no average high schooler folks. Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Kevin Love smashes a backboard on a break away dunk.


Eric said...

What about big Jim Havrilla?

ash0 said...

what about your mate Scott Ninnis. I am not sure if there is footage of it but he broke the backboard at the Apollo - but it was during warm up

Anonymous said...

here's a story from WAAAY back - Detlef Schrempf came to Townsville in 1984 with the University of Washington to play the SUNS.

In the warm ups he put his hand through the backboard and cut his wrist... the game ended up having to be played on the old bitumen courts.

ClintDogg said...

Grant Kruger broke the backboard in warm-ups at Newcastle Vs the Sydney Kings in 1990-91. Peter Harvey and James Carr put on the new rings at both ends that week, and said it was screwed/bolted a bit too tight.

They replaced it with an old wooden backboard so the game could go on, and it was only 9feet. I have the video footage of this (not the actual backboard being smashed, the game itself).


JR you missed this one -