Sunday, May 24, 2009

Aussies Draft Stock

Remeber this name - Ater Majok

The 2009 NBA Draft is just around the corner so I have tried to dig up as much available information on all Aussies that have a chance to be drafted.

My first stop when looking for draft info is ESPN and their draft expert Chad Ford.

Currently Ford has Pat Mills going to the Minnesota Timberwolves with the 28th pick.

It will be interesting times for Mills over the next couple of weeks. Unless he gets a first round guarantee from a team, we may see Mills head back to St Mary's for his junior year in the West Coast Conference.

Mills has not yet hired an agent so he can still choose to go back to school.

Let's not forget this draft is very deep at the PG position and with Mills injuring his hand toward the end of the college season, it may be best to head back to Moraga for one more year.

Ford has yet to include a second round in his Mock Draft but he has Joe Ingles positioned at #38 on the depth chart.

Ingles is impressing with his workouts to date.

Also getting a birth in the top one hundred is Ater Majok at #80. The Sudanese born Aussie who is yet to play a game at UConn will surprise many if he remains in the Draft. He has not hired an agent so the Huskies should see him back on campus soon.

Utah Ute Aussie centre Luke Nevill cracks Ford's Top 100 list. At #88 I'm saying Ford is thinking Europe for the 7 foot Western Australian.

NBADraft.Net also has Pat Mills going to the Timberwolves but at #18. Either the Wolves are bluffing all journos or things are looking very good for Mills.

The Timberwolves have tried both Sebastian Telfair and Randy Foye at the point without much luck.

Mills speed in the open court is what has everyone salivating.

This website has Majok at #52, Ingles at #82 and Nevill at #85 on their Top 100 Big Board.

The DraftExpress has Pat Mills sneaking into the first round with the Cleveland Cavaliers taking him with the 30th pick.

More good news for the Aussies. This site has Joe Ingles going at pick 52 by the Indiana Pacers.

Here are a few YouTube clips. First, Andrew Bogut on PTI and then Ater Majok showing us his skills.

ESPN Australia - PTI with Bucks Andrew Bogut

Ater Majok footage - a little old


mookie said...

If Mills does stay in the draft, there could be a team that gets a very lucky pick once they realise how blinding his pace is -- Chris Paul can attest to that from 8 months back.

Eric said...

How legit is Joe Ingles? He's a great player but in the limited amount I have seen him play, I've seen nothing that makes me think he is NBA ready yet.

Despite that, plenty of players get drafted anyway - so what's his chances. My money would be on Europe for next year, which I think he already mentioned on the OT a few months back

mookie said...

You'd have to think that Ingles would struggle speed and athleticism-wise at the NBA level...?

Eric said...

He's going in as a 2 correct? If so probably, it's arguably the most athletic position in the league across the board.

Anonymous said...

Ater Majok LMAO.

Thats a real Aussie name.

Who is this jiberah?.

Eric said...

Ingles profile at draft express: