Sunday, May 17, 2009

China Has 5 More Yao's

- "I haven't had a full salary since November last year," former Sydney Spirit coach Rob Beveridge said. (Courtesy of the SMH.)

It seems that former Spirit coach Rob Beveridge is looking overseas to secure his future. He had just signed a three year deal with the Perth Wildcats but the club has allowed players and coaches to look at other options while the NBL finalises everything for the upcoming 2009/10 season.

- "It's on the brink of fading into oblivion and I would have thought whoever was in charge at the time, when the club is going through such a crisis, that they would be here to face that," said former Adelaide 36ers captain Brett Maher. (Courtesy of the Adelaide Advertiser.)

Brett Maher did not have a controversial comment through his whole 18 year playing career. (OK, except when he had a cheeky backhander about Barry Barnes and his lack of PT at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.) Now retired, he did not miss when he was discussing 36ers owner Mal Hemmerling absence (due to a holiday) during tough times for this very proud club.

- Kiwi journo Peter Williams scribes a nice article about how new CEO Larry Sengstock will get the sport pumping again.

- Former NBL imports Jerome Beasley and Larry Abney are finding it hard to keep up with Orien Greene.

The three imports are playing in the Dutch Finals.

Game 1 boxscore

- Italian basketball (Serie A) is taking a serious look at changing their import rules.

- Yao Ming is done for the season but the Chinese National Team feels like the future at Ming's centre position is bright. The Chinese feel they have five potential candidates at this position. You would think at least on of them will work out!

- If your looking for a good NBA read, head over to NBAMate to catch up on the latest around the Association. (Great Chauncey Billups article to be found.)

- Daryl Corletto is a POM. The former Melbourne Tiger guard is heading to the Motherland to play some hoops domestically as well as join the National Team.. He will be joined by Chicago Bull teammates Ben Gordon and Luol Deng on the National Team.

RIP Wayman Tisdale


Maurice said...

Hi John,
Intersting quote from Maher. Sounds like he got out of the league at the right time huh? Surely no other 'bosses' would dare go on holidays at this pivotal time in the sport's history in Australia. I know if I were in charge, I'd be helping my troops through this battle. Shame on you Hemmerling
Keep up the good work JR

ClintDogg said...

RIP Wayman Tisdale