Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boomers Squad Announced

Thanks to Twitter I found out why Mark Worthington was not included in the Boomers squad. Read below to find out more.

- Brett Brown has announced his first ever Boomers squad.

When first reading the names on the list I was left scratching my head. I understand and believe it is a great idea to have the likes of future stars Jason Cadee, Cody Ellis and Brock Motum attend the camp. I have no problem with youth at the camp.

But, I'm going to track Brett Brown down though before I comment on some of the other names on the list. There has to be some method in his madness as to why certain players appear on this National Team squad.

I fear that I will say something dumb before I do some homework on this topic, so I will get back to you with my thoughts soon.

So stay tuned for more, but please feel free to leave your comments about the squad.

Thanks to Twitter, here is why Mark Worthington's name does not appear on the Boomers list. "taking the offseason off to rest the body.....been going for 4 yrs non stop....brett was good about it."

- Andrew Vlahov has a great idea to paint the new competition "Green".

After reading the article, Basketball Australia would be mad not to take a look at this. Good to see Vlahov put his Stanford education to good use finally.

- The Perth Wildcats get paid $100k to play a game in Darwin.

While talking about the Wildcats finances, things are looking up.

Via Twitter, CEO Nick Marvin said,"Signs of support emerge for the Wildcats as first white knight steps up."

All is looking good for the league as the Sandgropers start showing their financial support for their Wildcats.

Who is this mystery White Knight though?

- The Wollongong Hawks have named Gordie McLeod as their coach for the upcoming season.

It is the old "local boy returns home" story but this is a great appointment by the new Hawks front office.

Whatever roster the Hawks put together, the fans will know McLeod will get the best out of them. He has proven this at both West Sydney and Singapore.

- Q & A with Andrew Bogut.

If you are a fan of Bogut's and wish to get up close and personal with him, he has retooled his web address to


Glockers said...

Goulding? Kerry Williams? Random non AIS 17 year old from the Tigers called Igor? Some weird selections indeed.

Rusty said...

That green initiative from Vlahov is one of the best I've ever heard. From a players perspective, loved it!Don't know the guy at all but obviously a well thought out idea. Seemed very complex yet at the same time, so simple.

Anonymous said...

If guys like weigh and goulding are invited then why isn't tovey?? baffling...

Dodge Taylor said...

Why isn't Tovey? Maybe there is a free-throw shooting percentage prerequisite ... (couldn't resist)

Anonymous said...

Van der jagt couldn't make the Gold Coast roster but he's good enough for the Boomers? I hear Axel Dench is still available!

Anonymous said...

Its for the Oceanias people. It's not about winning this offseason. Smart move Brett you need to breed young players. Something all past coaches failed to do, thus why we never produce players at a rate small euro and south american teams do. 2 NBA players at the moment. And only 2,who have actually played and not sat: Bogut and Longly.

Anonymous said...

Wow. A shit load of names who have done nothing to earn a Boomers selection (yet).

Anonymous said...

we don't want another Smythe Aussie team debacle.

Some of these selections cheapen the honour... c'mon seriously, will some of these guys EVER pull on the green n gold?

Anonymous said...

I was surprised not to see Harris-Tunks considering a few of his team mates got chosen...

Atleast he would be ready from a physical standpoint which you can't say for some of the others.

Anonymous said...

And what about Dellavedova, Broekhoff and Page? All dominated at under 20's and are in the starting five at the AIS.

Eric said...

Any chance you can give us some updates about what went on after each training camp JR?

Boomers take on more importance than ever now as far as national junior development with the league in the sorry state that it is.