Monday, May 18, 2009

NBL On E-Bay

This piece of Scott Ninnis history can be yours for 10c.

As I pondered as to what to blog about today, it came to me to surf E-Bay to see what quality NBL merchandise is available at a respectable price. Here is what I found. Happy bidding.

First up is a Andrew Gaze signed and framed photo. Asking price - $149.99 + $20 for shipping.

There is no doubting you can argue he has been the country's best product in the sport, but even the great man himself may have a little chuckle at this asking price.

Different story if the photo was of him at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics when he was the flag bearer in Sydney. But it is a "generic" Aussie uniform he is in during the action shot.

I'll be watching this item closely and if it does reach the asking price, I will be donning some of my Aussie gear and getting the missus to take some happy snaps.

The next item's current bid stands at $10. For just a little more a worn Canberra Cannons training jersey could be yours. This is great buying if you ask me. A true piece of NBL history.

I'm trying to find out if it is a Willie Simmons jersey so I can get the goggles thrown in.

Next item is two Sydney Kings signed balls (insert own joke). It is being promoted as "too many names to mention", but I can tell you Mark Dalton, Steve Whitehead, Matt Nielsen and Scott MacGregor are just a few of the names on the balls.

Bidding starts at $29.99. My question would be, can the balls be pumped up or are they flat just like the franchise?

The "best" buy has to be this Scott Ninnis NBL Futera 1995 card. Bidding starts at 10 cents. Yes ten cents, but postage will sting you for a dollar. (I cannot wait for Ninnis to read this.)

Last but not least is twenty one One On One magazines.

Right now you can purchase these mags for a total of 99 cents. Not a bad buy if you ask me because it was a good read every month plus you can reminisce about the good times.

Well I hope you enjoyed my shopping list. It is time for me to go bidding and 10c is way too much for Ninnis.


Glockers said...

I bought a Shane Heal Geelong Supercats jersey a while back. Was $6.99, bargain.

James from Sydney said...

What about a signed game-worn John Rillie West Sydney Razorback jersey? How much is that worth?

Anonymous said...

I'd buy that!!!

Anonymous said...

what about some clothes I found on a mini bus parked outside rattle and hum in cairns about three years ago? how much would I get for that JR?

ClintDogg said...

I have a shitload of those NBL cards, some signed, some not.

I got a mad Perth Wildcats Jacket last year and Mad Sydney Kings warm up trackkies on eBay.

James from Sydney said...

DJ Rod, I don't think you would be willing to pay what I did for it...