Saturday, May 23, 2009

LeBron Becoming Clutch & News

LeBron was King today as he sank the Orlando Magic in the dying seconds of Game 2. More importantly he saved his team from going down 0-2 on the Cavs home floor.

Before we get to LeBron James and his heroics today, let's take a look at what's making news.

- Penrith is a local Sydney association that gave us NBL products in Olympian Matt Nielsen and NBL journeyman Ben Knight. It is still going strong at the grassroots level but there is a fear it may suffer with no local team in a national competition.

Sydney used to host a great rivalry in the Kings vs the Razorbacks. Sadly, neither team is no longer a part of the professional landscape.

- "He's (Joe Ingles) a talented kid; I think he's definitely a strong second-round prospect," Bucks director of player personnel Dave Babcock said. "He can shoot it; he can really pass it. He needs to get stronger, but he's interesting." (courtesy of JSOnline)

Read the full article on Ingles here.

- The latest on Pat Mills, Atlanta Hawks may show some interest with pick 19.

- Utah Utes coach Jim Boylen loves to hug an Aussie, mainly Luke Nevill. (courtesy of the Desert News.)

Ute basketball coach Jim Boylen said last week that it took some love to bring out the best in Mountain West MVP Luke Nevill.
"I used to hug Luke every chance I got," said Boylen.

He said during his first year as coach, Nevill would just stand there, arms stiffly at his sides, looking awkward and uncomfortable when Boylen hugged him.

"My mom's a hugger and I'd hug Luke in the weight room after games and he'd just stand there ... but about the last eight months he's finally hugged me back. That says something. He didn't feel good about expressing that — and I know he loves me," said Boylen. "Sometimes you've got to force it on him."

- Next week (27-31 May) will see the NBA hold a Pre Draft Combine in Chicago. Only two Aussies made the list, Pat Mills and Joe Ingles.

- Fans riot during Greek League Final.

- The Townsville/Cairns rivalry sparks up again tonight. The two teams clash against each other in the QABL.

- Cairns Taipans will chase the top Victorian talent hard, for the upcoming season.

- Help needed. Launceston the winners of the 1981 NBL trophy are looking for some of their lost items.

- Chuck and Larry getting married? Read more from Boti Nagy on this.

LeBron was clutch today!



"Sometimes you've got to force it on him."

Did Jim Boylen ever coach Kobe?

Anonymous said...

Corey williams in now playing in Venezuela will he come abck?

Anonymous said...


Any take on the Cedar DUI incident that was reported in the Townsville Bulletin over the weekend? Looks like the club is just gonna let him get off the hook just like Homicide and Young. If this was a football related incident the reprecussions would be pretty major, not just a slap on the wrist like the crocs seem to keep doing. Does the club have a drinking culture up there? About time some action was taken, the last thing basketball in Australia needs is more bad publicity!

Anonymous said...

was it worthy of a front page? is it worthy of a blog?

IMO no...

but that is just me.


DJ Dudd said...

Clint Dogg has not been around for a while. Just letting you all know where he is. (Not sure why this would be deleted if it does get deleted)
League fans love his DJing it seems too.

Anonymous said...

:( havnt they let clint out of the special hospital :(

Anonymous said...

Clint Dogg PWNED!!!