Friday, May 15, 2009

Links, Links & More Links

I've been a little slack over the past few days. Just been a little busy trying to get my life in order.

For now, enjoy all the links provided below.

- Perth Wildcats CEO Nick Marvin has told his players and coaches "to accept opportunities to continue their careers elsewhere".

- From the wild west - the latest from Basketball Australia and how the NBL will/won't survive.

- This opinion comes from the website "The Roar".

- "Basketball Australia couldn't run a chook raffle", said Horsham basketball legend Owen Hughan. (The Wimmera Times-Mail)

- Former NBL player Blair Smith weighs in on the situation.

- Q & A with 4 time Olympian Andrew Vlahov.

- The Wollongong Hawks are getting ready to announce some staff members.

- Where will a team come from in Melbourne?

- Son of former Chairman ready to take over the Adelaide 36ers.

- Former NBL 6th Man of the Year Brad Newley voices his opinion on the NBL's situation.

- A second franchise in New Zealand (Wellington) gets told, thanks but no thanks.


Anonymous said...

Brad Newleys comments mean nothing.

Rach said...

Interestingly, Newly was about the only person in all the links (particularly from The West) that didn't talk half-truths as we've so often heard in recent days.

Owen Hughan's comments were a classis example- clearly yet another man who since no longer coaching in the NBL, doesn't have his finger on the pulse.
You'd think he rather be remembered for his coaching than throw-away comments about the NBL.

"Basketball Australia couldn't run a chook raffle,"- When was the last time you had them run a choock raffle Owen?

"Soccer is the perfect example," he said. "They held off having a league until they had everything right."- Tell that to the clubs, officials and players who have been breathing down BA's neck saying if they DO postpone they'll have blood on their hands.

"The players still love the game, they won't leave it," he said.- Interesting, because several players are trying to get gigs in Europe through their agents- doesn't Owen know any current players?

"The game is still great and it will still be successful but we have to show it to people," he said.
"When people watch it, they enjoy it. But it has to be on television, that will be the key."- That's great Owen, but they also have to nurture the game- people aren't all just going to watch it on tv- part of the promotion of the sport is the players' responsibility to get out there and promote the face of the game, not get tv to do it all for you then sit back and reap the rewards of being one of the few sports who collectively does little to promote the game actively yet expects the country as a whole to open their wallets.

Clearly Owen is a FORMER coach for a very good reason.

Rach said...

And as for the Wellington Saints, these are the same people who admitted they didn't have anywhere near $1mil AUD to fund entry, so much so that when the EOI briefing was held in Sydney, they said it wasn't even worth doing a feasability study let alone sending a rep to the Briefing.
We've suddenly gone from them admitting they don't have the ability to meet the criteria straight off the bat, but "A Wellington cry to be included as the second Kiwi team in the troubled Australian National Basketball League appears to have fallen on deaf ears."

Big difference between something falling on deaf ears, and saying up front that you're not able to tick the boxes but suddenly want in at the last minute just for the hell of it.
They then wonder why the League wants them to have a financial safety net when they are so clearly lacking in common sense even before a licence could be granted.... lucky somebody (BA) was thinking.

Greg said...


Thank you for trying to keep people informed.

The problem is that I am getting a little bored with your negative over-explained answers.

We get it. You work for Basketball Australia. I am surprised that you are not able to see your own one-sidedness in your answers.

Rach said...

For the topics that have been getting discussed in recent days, people have asked for clarification.
If them getting that makes you uncomfortable or too insecure to admit the truth of what goes on, too bad!
Go to a site that does little but offer the one-sided opinions you have and seek validation on, which is to bash the League and believe that other entities involved are flawless.
Your comments are completely hipocritical and have no bearing on the FACTS whatsoever.

Greg said...

Uncomfortable? Insecure? Are you talking to me? What are you basing these assesments of me on?

Let me clear up something for you. I have NEVER bashed the league or sought validation from this sight by leaving comments. JR does a very good job of presenting a different sides on issues and having an open mind, which is why I choose to follow him.

Your name calling and misspellings lose you credibility. All I am saying is be short and to the point on your postings. A little goes a long way!

Rach said...

Greg you want to talk credibility?
I'm not here to score points with you, because I really couldn't care less about your judgement passing nature!
Sorry if my typos from having tired hands 'loses credibility' - seriously- get over yourself!
You're the ones that said my stating facts is negative and accused me of being one-sided, so don't be such a hipocrit.... now you're royally losing credibility, but then I really didn't care about what little you can bring to any debate anyway, because you're yet to contribute anything of any value.
If I could be bothered, I'd turn my spell check on just for you, but I'm busy, so too bad- try not to cry about it if you can.

If you re-read your previous post, you'd realise you said a lot more than 'All I am saying is be short and to the point on your postings. A little goes a long way!'
So get a bit of consistency in what you're saying- your comments are just trivial and irrelevant.