Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joe Ingles & Nick Marvin Star On "The OT"

Episode 31 of "The OT" is ready for your listening pleasure.

First we catch up with Perth Wildcats CEO Nick Marvin. The man who is seeking $1 million for the Perth communities do tell us that the Wildcats have sent in their License Agreement to Basketball Australia.

Our second guest is Joe Ingles. Ingles is currently in the USA where he is preparing for the upcoming 2009 NBA Draft Combine. Only one of 52 players invited to this event Ingles also talks about his workouts with seven of the thirty NBA teams already.
Oh, and I make some NOYZ in the June 2009 edition of SLAM.

Enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

Terry Dozier?
James Carr?. #31.

Im sorry, but again, i switched this off after about 20secounds of having to put up with DJ Rods voice, i cant stand it my ears bleed.

Maybe JR you should go solo and do the next show on your own.

Anonymous said...

I've got nothing to do with this but why again do you take it upon yourself to complain EVERY EPISODE about DJ Rod's voice?

Do you want him to get a voice box replacement because it doesn't appear JR wants anyone else.

A normal person in your situation would just not tune in.

You're supposed to be a DJ, don't you get bored playing the same tune over and over again? Because we are tired of hearing this tune!

Anonymous said...

I smell Clint Dogg