Friday, May 29, 2009

NBA Draft Combine ft Pat Mills & Joe Ingles

Not what you want to be on the back page for.

While I try to figure out what the future holds for me, I will not put you guys on hold. Here is the latest news, especially how the NBA Draft Combine is going for the Aussies.

- ABC Northern Grandstand radio commentator Zane Bojak was on top of all the issues happening in the far north over the past day. Click here to here the thoughts of Townsville Crocodiles CEO Ian Smythe, former teammate (again) Russell Hinder and myself on the day's events.

- - "Having already evaluated the other players here on multiple occasions, we were especially excited to see Joe Ingles, as he’s generating some pretty nice buzz these days. While there were a few interesting things to take away from this workout, the lack of competitive action seen here means we’ll probably have to wait until the Reebok Eurocamp in Treviso to get a real read on what type of player he is."

"The OT's" very own Joe Ingles is starting to get the attention of many scouts in the USA right now. Keep it up Joe, and all the best with the draft.

- - "Austin Daye really stole the show amongst the small forwards. His shot barely touched the net on almost all attempts, and he looked ridiculously smooth in pretty much everything he did. Internationals Joe Ingles and Omri Casspi both shot the ball well. Tyler Smith and Damion James look like they'll be heading back to school, while Sam Young showed some serious athleticism."

Just a small snippet from the NBA Draft Combine.

- - Representatives of eight NBA teams spent their Memorial Day in Washington D.C. watching a workout featuring UConn freshman Ater Majok. The Sudanese big man competed alongside college seniors such as UAB’s Lawrence Kinnard and Chicago State’s Josh Mayo, in both individual skill-based drills and a two on two setting. The feedback we received seemed to be lukewarm at best and very poor at worst. Majok is apparently trying to showcase himself as some type of small forward prospect, and the reaction in the gym was not very positive. “He’s five years away from being five years away,” one high-level NBA executive told us. “He definitely needs to go back to school,” said another. Majok’s frame reportedly looked good, and he actually sports fairly nice shooting mechanics. The problem is that he looks like someone that has barely played any competitive basketball whatsoever in the last few years, which just happens to be exactly the case. He’s also not quite as athletic as you might think looking at him on first glance, as he appears to be “more long than he is athletic.” “It’s going to be very tough for him to get drafted this year,” the NBA executive opined. “By the time he’s ready to play, who knows where you’ll be. He needs to go back to UConn for at least another two years” Majok’s “advisors” are apparently exploring the option for him to play overseas next year, according to reports we’ve gotten from teams in Europe."

Sudanese born Australian Ater Majok has his feelers out there. It will be interesting to see if the kid heads to college or Europe?

- Day 1 Draft Combine notes.

- NBA teams are asking draft prospects if they have "friends with benefits" during the interview process.

- Andy Katz ESPN - "Pat Mills showed some Ty Lawson- and Darren Collison- like speed during point guard drills Thursday. Mills isn't a lock for the first round. "I'm doing everything to stay in," Mills said. "If the feedback is negative then I may come back." Mills, who broke his right hand during the season but came back for the West Coast conference tournament, said his right wrist is completely healed after an X-ray three weeks ago.
An Australian Olympian, Mills said he is also going to the Reebok Euro camp next week in Treviso, Italy. "I want to expose myself in these workouts to experience playing in games," said Mills. The NBA draft combine is limited to skill work. "Me being an international player allows me the chance to go over there as well." But he said he won't take a guaranteed contract in Europe over returning to Saint Mary's if he is a second-round NBA pick. He wants to play in the NBA, but he also wants to make sure he's in the first round."

- Yes, we have the Melbourne Tigers back in the mix but there is no cigar for the defending champion South Dragons. They are definitely staying home for at least this season.

- Chris Anstey's premature retirement is over. I'm guessing he is a Melbourne Tiger again.

- 2002 FIBA World Championship All-Star Five player Pero Cameron brings up game 300 in his native country of New Zealand. Congrats Pero..and set one of those illegal screens for old time sake.

- Gold Coast Blaze will announce the signing of Adam Gibson very soon, while captain James Harvey will take a good look at European options first.

- Cairns Taipans feel they will miss the boat on some players with the return of the Melbourne Tigers.

Joe Ingles Workout & Interview


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