Monday, May 25, 2009

The Latest For Crocs Fans

Townsville Crocodile fans, this is the latest. I hijacked this press release from the Crocs website from earlier today.

Townsville McDonald’s Crocodiles CEO Ian Smythe believes it is now time to roll up the sleeves, put the heads down and get on with the job of launching the new national men’s elite competition. ‘It has been a long negotiation, but we are ready to go. We have always been positive that the Crocs would be there for next season’ Smythe said “ and the time has come to get on with the job .”

Talks between Basketball Australia and the Townsville McDonald’s Crocodiles are currently taking place regarding the season draw and Smythe believes that it should be finalised and released in the coming weeks. He will also commence negotiations with players and expects to be making announcements early next week.

‘With the competition in the balance earlier in the month with the withdrawal of the two Melbourne clubs, negotiations with players regarding contracts for the upcoming season and beyond were not able to take place, Smythe said. I will however now commence the process over the weekend’ Smythe added and I should have good news in the coming week”

‘Although these past couple months have not been easy, I applaud Larry Sengstock and Basketball Australia for being decisive and getting the job done. It is a disappointment that some teams decided not to participate this season, but in the end I feel it can only benefit the competition as a whole. This season will show just how determined we are as an organisation.

The Crocs have worked hard to keep basketball alive and thriving at all levels in Australia’ he added. ‘All of the negotiating in the off season has been just the tonic the Men’s Elite Competition and Basketball Australia needed with the new season looking like it will finally achieve the level of management and discipline it requires ’ Smythe said. I can’t wait for it to start now, he added.

Other News

- The Ridiculous Upside blog has thrown their vote behind Pat Mills in this year's draft. While everyone is high on Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio, this blog points out that Mills was not to shabby himself at the 2008 Olympics.

- Orlando Magic and Dwight Howard feel like they can represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals as they take a 2-1 lead over the LeBron Cavaliers.

- Chinese get involved with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- Kobe and his wife are suing the housekeeper.

- A ripper Q&A with Steve Nash thanks to BDL and JE Skeets.


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