Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Have My Say On It All

This piece may seem a little outdated due to yesterday's events, but I'm rolling with it anyway.

I shot the video footage on Sunday night but due to my lack of technical skills it only became available now.

It is just an honest appraisal of what I was feeling at the time, and it has not changed at all as I have had no contact with anyone from my club or NBL enlightening me on he situation.

Just like the rest of you, players are sitting around waiting for a decision.


Eric said...

Heartfelt words man. All the best.

Anonymous said...

JR, as an Aussie in the US, who lived in Oz and followed the NBL from 1987 on, I give you huge credit for the website and the fact that you are always pushing the players side. Definately a great video and makes me sit back and appreciate what I have and the fact that at any time it too could be gone. As a Tigers member for over 15 years, I am bitterly disappointed with their decision also. I hope to all NBL players that a solution is rapid and enables you to get back to having fun and really, entertaining us fans. I know Larry has inherited this mess, started by Burton, but it needs to be fixed and fast. Thodey will be CEO of Telstra, lets get some $$ flowing via sponsorship. Seriously, I hate to think what this reform has cost and apart from causing stress and heartache to all including fans, it has achieved nothing. Keep up the good work and from a Tigers fan to a basketball legend, I hope it all works out JR.

James from Sydney said...


Sitting and watching your video, I had this wave of emotions flow over me.

Essentially you now join the growing masses of unemployed people across our country, feeling anxious and concerned for your family and your own future.

With regards to that, I hope you are able to find something that at least in the short term provides for you and your family.

As for basketball at the highest level in Australia, I think it was laid to rest at the end of last season. From the dizzy heights of it's past, the sport has spiralled downward slowly to its position today.

For many years, those people with a passion for this sport have realised that a top level basketball league in Australia needs a few things (like any successful sport in Australia):

1. National FTA television coverage
2. Articulate, passionate individuals writing, blogging and discussing the sport as often as possible
3. Corporate sponsorship that secures the success of the league
4. A driven Marketing plan bringing basketball to the front of people's minds
5. A strong community based program, linking the stars of today to the future of the game

I appreciate this is not a five minute task; apparently some of these things have been worked on for many years. However, we are yet to see the fruit of those labours.

Finally, I hope that the people (hundreds, thousands) directly and indirectly involved in the league do not loose faith in the sport itself. These people are the ones that will be needed to resurect the league to the stage that it deserves.

JR, good luck. I have enjoyed watching you play over the years. I hope things will improve for you.

Boti Nagy said...

Here is Boti's thoughts JR


Anonymous said...

Basketball Australia announces 7-team comp


DJ Dudd said...

LMAO at this video.

Boo hoo!. Have a cry.

Be happy with what you have done already, and where you have been.

Get over it, all good things come to and end.

ClintDogg said...

Well said DJ Dudd.

JR should be happy with what hes done already and where the game has taken him and what its done 4 him personally. Also the money hes made from it so far.

Now its time 4 him to get a real job.

We have this problem every day of our lives.

Welcome back to the real world JR!.

Anonymous said...

Watch the clip again you two ignorant clowns, JR clearly states he is happy to join the real world. He just needs to know if he should do it now or later so he can go and provide for his family.

Anonymous said...

Clint Dogg:
I'm sure you have had problems getting a job every day of your life!

Michael from Perth said...

I hope this isn't sinking to their level but...

Didn't you serve time in prison for Centrelink fraud Clint Dogg?

That is hardly getting a real job.

JD in Paris said...

JR, thanks for providing one of the more honest and informative sites on the disaster that is the NBL reform process, and on whats happening to basketball in Australia. Its sad that players face such uncertainty and feel so left in the dark by all of this. Best wishes to you and all affected.

Vale Sydney Kings, Vale NBL, Vale Basketball in Australia Firepower/TimJohnston

JD in Paris said...

argh, how did "Firepower/TimJohnston" end up at the bottom of my post???

that man was a plague on basketball, and I deplore his actions

ClintDogg said...

Michael from Perth:
Yes, i did 6months jail time, FOR EARNING TOO MUCH MONEY from my REAL JOB!. Therefore creating a bill i owed to Centrelink. Time served. Over and done with. Next.

See above reply.


Seriously, JR needs to stop crying and complaining about his life, sounds worse than Russel hinder on the 7-30 report a few years ago. Be thankful that you got paid a shitload of money over the years that you have been playing. Pay your mortgage with some of that. Or have you blown that or pissed it up against the wall over the last few years?. U gotta save for rainy days like this and be prepared.