Monday, May 11, 2009

Melbourne Tigers Are Done

This is hot of the Melbourne Tigers website.

The Melbourne Tigers Basketball Club has announced that the club will not be applying to be a part of the proposed 2009/10 National Basketball League season.
A meeting of the club’s Board of Directors held this morning confirmed the club’s position.

“The NBL model that has been presented for the 2009/10 season is clearly unsustainable and therefore can not be a part of the proposed structure for the best interest of the club,” Melbourne Tigers CEO Seamus McPeake said today.

“The Tigers have a rich heritage and strong business that will be continuing, and we believe there is a bright future for the club within the sport in Australia,”
“We are looking forward to the reform process being finalised in full and subsequently delivered in the best interest of all stakeholders.”

Further information will follow in due course.

- Check this link out as well. Former South Dragon's captain Mark Worthington calls basketball Australia OUT!


Andrew said...

This thing is over. Any chance of a small tourney this year, or do we just look forward to 2010?

Eric said...

Yep agreed, let's wrap this. Small tourney is a great idea, might be a chance for an innovation in Australian basketball for one year. Can they slap together a one and done NCAA style deal and get some major sponsors, at least to give the remaining fans a taste in '09?

Paul said...

Unfortunately Wortho you need to do your talking only on the Court because when open your mouth off the Court without facts you only make yourself look like a rookie.