Thursday, May 7, 2009

Late Night Links

Before I head to bed I thought I would provide the latest in hoop links from around the place.

- South Dragons owner Mark Cowan predicted it months ago and it has happened. Former Boomers coach Brian Goorjian has been snapped up by the Chinese National Team.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Goorj has his first conversation with Yao Ming.

Somehow I cannot see Yao buying what Goorj is selling as he tells him how Lygon St is much better than anything the Houston Rockets have to offer.

- Sounds like free speaking journo Boti Nagy wrote this article with a muzzle on. Boti you will be able to take it off soon, I hope.

- In one of the worst keep secrets in basketball, Joey Wright has been named coach of the Gold Coast Blaze.

I like this hiring because it allows me to rekindle the little chit chats we would have during a game.

- Former Sydney Spirit forward Liam Rush has come up trumps with his decision to leave the struggling Sydney club midseason.

His Swedish team (Sundsvall) has just taken out the title in an epic seven game series.

What does this mean for the NBL?

No chance of Rush returning to the NBL any time soon. His heroics in the final game will see him receive a contract somewhere in Europe I imagine.

Is this just one of many more to follow suit?

- While in Europe, former NBL players Larry Abney and Julian Khazzouh are locking horns in Holland as we speak. Their series is tied at one a piece right now.

- This is a message for kids in South Australia or young hoopers willing to travel a few miles to get coached by a former NBA Slam Dunk Champion. Former Boston Celtic Dee Brown will be conducting clinics in South Aussie in September/October. Click here for more info.

- "The 2004-05 Tall Black, who relished playing against his former NSW age-group teammates cum Boomers such John Rillie and Matt Neilson in the 2006 test matches, has no qualms about his pick-me-up role with the Hawks."

This passage comes from an article from the Hawkes Bay Today about gypsy basketballer Miles Pearce.

Like any article where the colourful Pearce is quoted, he leaves you shaking your head in some direction.

For those interested in the facts, I'm nowhere near Pearce's age-group and I'm not a cockroach.


- If your looking for NBA news head over to NBAMate. The Aussie blogger was actually at Game 2 of the Lakers/Rockets series.

More news here on the fiery series to date.

- Scibz's Spiel has come across an article where Brian Goorjian was referred to as "Bruce".

Just how good is our sport going in the media right now?


Dodge Taylor said...

JR, not too surprised about your Joey Wright comment. He seemed to have a lot of respect for you and I know you were key in their defensive plans coming in to a game.

Anonymous said...

LOL, for someone who "never wanted to be a basketballer", he sure spoke about playing in the NBL a lot in high school.