Monday, September 10, 2007

Video of Trip to Mackay-trial by error

Sorry that you have to watch some of this footage with your head tilted. I'm sure I will get better with this. Enjoy!

Relevant NBL articles:,22606,22390813-12428,00.html


Anonymous said...

If I still lived in Townsville i'd happily be your camera man.
But seeing as I can't be there... try holding the camera up next time.
Jokes.. i like where you're going with it.

JR said...


A cameraman would be good. I needed to go that way to fit MacGregor's melon in. I have learnt my lesson, so my video footage should be better in the future.

Anonymous said...

like ur site jr its way better then mick up myself hill's and Chris anstey lol

Anonymous said...

JR... any truth to the rumour that you left the tandoori roll from the qantas flight in two carefully wrapped bags for the Qantas stewards to deal with at a later date?

Anonymous said...

Wheres the camerman for that!

JR said...

To all Anonymous:

Thanks for the good wrap about the blog. Somehow I don't think Mrs Anstey and Hill would agree, but you know better.

And yes, your sources are quite correct. The tandori roll did end up in the Qantas spew bag. It would have been prime footage but the cameraman needed both hands on the steering wheel to control the stomach movements. Maybe a tripod is needed to capture these moments.