Thursday, September 27, 2007

NBL Players Poll

Players Poll has this guy playing for the Bullets! What the?

Here is the article regarding my thoughts.

First I'm starting with the best dunker category. Larry Abney was assessed the best dunker. I know the "Birdman" has a lot of dunks, but I'm looking for variety. He has his usual list of dunks he goes to. There is the fast break travelling one foot one hand number. Followed by his hand having some type of spasm. I can give you that on a good day. Off the pick and roll, he will go with two feet and one hand, maybe with a little lean. Once again followed by a poor imitation of a plover swooping. I choose not to showcase this to tell the grandkids about!
Casey Frank got my vote, because you never know what will happen. In fact, I don't think he knows what will happen.

How can a place be the best and toughest place to play. That is what the players are saying about the Swamp here in Townsville. Everyone loves to play here because they know there will be a crowd and atmosphere. So is it really the toughest? I have to question this as players get inspired to have a good one in front of that many people.

I'm looking forward to seeing D-Mac suite up for the Bullets at some stage this season, and is Larry Abney replacing Rosell Ellis? None of this is true, but if you look closely you will notice they have D-Mac as a Bullet and Abney as a Croc. Also, take a moment and ponder what Rashad Tucker is thinking. He has no team.

Oh, last but not least, the players knew how to vote for the best shooter. I just cannot believe I only got 40% of the votes.

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DJ Rod said...

Copes came out and said that he wins the trash talking every year because he is the only one in the league that actually does it! I know you do your fair share but there isn't enough of it anymore. Basketball is lacking that attitude these days. Bring back the Reggie Miller vs Spike Lee stuff, Larry Bird telling the defender what move is going to make, then do it and still score and Jordan screaming "NEXT" as he ran past the opp bench.