Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kings and Blaze Win

The Gold Coast Blaze had their first win in franchise history in Singapore tonight. (That is a trivia question for the future.) Congrats to them. The Kings remain undefeated as they rolled us tonight. Disappointing again for us as we played well in the first half. Our defense has improved, now we need to find the basket. Once we get that happening we will become a dangerous team.

Disappointing news for Rosell Ellis. He is done for the season, due to a torn/ripped pectoral muscle. It happened while bench pressing during one of our weights sessions. It was a total freak accident. Rosell had fit in really well and his true "blue collar" attitude had seen him start the season in great style. All the best with the op Ro, and hope you have a speedy recovery.

Anthony Stewart has been brought in to help the team out in these lean times. Brad Sheridan is also on the injured list right now due to a dodgy back. Provided Stewie is in some type of shape he will give us some valuable minutes of the bench.

BOXSCORES: Blaze vs Slingers Crocs vs Kings

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