Sunday, September 30, 2007

Off to Singapore

I there everybody. There has not been too much happening the last few days. The Crocs, well we have had a few practices before we head to Singapore. The emphasis is brushing up on our offense. Who would have ever though the Crocs would be accused of bad offense and good defense.

Anthony Stewart is fitting in well and I'm sure over the course of these next few games he will have a say in the games. Having his "old" head on the floor will definitely help out the Crocs.

My old team the Razorbacks had a solid win last night against the Wildcats. (Boxscores below.) Coach Rob Beveridge has his young troops buying into a trapping, uptempo game. It is good to see them start the year well.

The Taipans continued their unbeaten streak with a solid win over the Blaze in Cairns last night.

I will endeavour to give you guys some updates from Singapore, but I will have to see what the internet set up is. Otherwise I will be back mid week to let you know how the trip went.

Boxscores: Taipans vs Blaze Wildcats vs Pigs 36ers vs Tigers Hawks vs Bullets


Snoop Wogg said...

Mate, caught your game on Fox the other night. Geez I hate watching BG coached teams get away with murder. During the game I noticed the best looking groupie ever behind Rosell when he was injured. Will she be part of the rehab for Mr Ellis or is it a marketing ploy to entice another exciting import to FNQ? No wonder you love it up there...Good luck tonight in Singapore.

JR said...

Snoop Wogg:

With the way you play, you eyes should be on the action on the court. You game could do with some help. As for Rosell and his rehab, whatever works!