Sunday, September 23, 2007

1-1 After the First Week

After a solid game and win against the Razorbacks on Wednesday, we were primed for a good game against the Cairns Taipans. All was looking good until half time.

Although turnovers (yes, I was that main offender here) were a problem we still went into half time with a slim two point lead. As good as we played during the first twenty four minutes, it should have been a 10-15 point lead.

Even during the early stages of the third quarter we extended the lead by 10 (65-55 scoreline if my memory is good). Then somebody pressed pause on the remote and the Crocs froze as a team. We scored twenty points the rest of the way and the Taipans ran away with it.

The downfall to this loss was our sloppy turnovers and how stagnant we become on offense. We should not be pulling our hair out over this game as we played pretty good for half a game. We need to turn this into a learning experience. We showed that we can be pretty good when we work together and stay focused with the job at hand.

The second half just highlighted if we move away from this approach, things go south pretty quick.

This week we finally get to play in front of our home fans. They will be fired up as the Cowboys are finished with their season, so now the focus swithches to the Crocs around town. We open against the Sydney Kings on Wednesday night, and this is always a good game.

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MAGIC MAN said...

that guy sitting on the couch with you reminds of the bloke who lost us a half dozen games last season, he also lost his ticker...

JR said...

Magic Man:

I undestand you and Newls must have a love, hate relationship, but you do not have to worry about it anymore. You ready for B Grade this week?

MAGIC MAN said...

hehe, nice. i've got nothing.