Friday, September 21, 2007


Mick (pictured) and brother Chris Cedar will make history tomorrow

In less than twenty four hours Larry "the Birdman" Abney is going to go through a whole lot of emotions when tip off rolls around between the two North Queensland teams (Townsville vs Cairns). Like all players who switch teams, you want to have a monster game. Any player that says they are just happy for the team to do well is lying.

Birdman will want to have 50pts and 20rebs. If he has a shocker, that is when he will be hoping
his team wins the game. Trust me, I went through this with Adelaide and West Sydney.

Also, history will be made in this game when indigenous brothers, Mick and Chris Cedar suite up tomorrow night. This is quite an achievement and I hope the NBL give this the right amount of credit that these two local products deserve.

There has only been a handful of indigenous players to perform in the NBL, let alone siblings. Congratulations to the Cedar boys as this is quite an achievement. I cannot wait to be part of a home game when they are both introduced. The crowd will go nuts!

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MAGIC MAN said...

apart from being done by the refs, we didn't shoot the ball enough, so you can't win... what do you do.. sydney... let us at em!! go boys!!!!!

MAGIC MAN said...

PS: are we missing a point guard??

JR said...

Magic Man:

Not our best game for sure. Turnovers and sloppy offense was the cause of this loss.

I'm sure if I become more aggressive in my own personal approach, this will help the team greatly.

Snoop Wogg said...

Hmmm, too busy with my day job so am a bit behind. Not that you would know about this JR! Was interested with your reference to the Tim Morrissey article. Is this that same guy who now writes as an "AFL expert" for the Tele? Enough said...

JR said...


What problem do you have with Morrissey? Sounds like you are still bitter from the Pies loss on the weekend. I see your leg spinning friend is in trouble again!