Wednesday, September 12, 2007

7 Sleeps To Go

Steve Price Who is Toowoomba's best? Jonathon Thurston

Not too much interesting happening right now in my world. Momentum is starting to build around town for the Cowboys/Warriors NRL clash Sunday afternoon. Should be a good one and I cannot wait to get out to the ground for kick off. A sellout is predicted and the atmosphere will be great.

It is only seven sleeps to go before my 14th NBL season begins. The juices are beginning to flow and last night I was browsing You Tube and it only emphasised the emotions a player can go through over the course of a career. Good memories can be seen here and complete choking here Kings fans will love that one, while I still shake my head in disbelief. The one that got away!

In Crocs news, fans will be happy to know that Ben Pepper, Greg Vanderjagt and Brad Sheridan are giving us something on the practice court this week. All is looking good for our season opener against the new and enthused Razorbacks.

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Dodge Taylor said...

14th season!! How time flies ...

I still remember your rookie year. It was surprising at the time to see a Bullets rookie get given the green light to shoot at will.

Good luck this season ... altho not too much.

Dodge Taylor
Brisbane Bullets

DJRod said...

I thought you were Toowoomba's best... or was that David Blades?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories, it was great seeing the first then I got depressed again once i saw the second.

Darren said...

The anonymous was me.

JR said...


Yes, who would believe fourteen years later here we are with a full head of hair and still a green light to shoot. See you in Vegas!

JR said...


You are right there. I'm the best from Toowoomba. How could I forget. Those other two are on trial to be my deputy.

JR said...


You have to take the good with the bad. That is the first time I have watched any footage regarding that series. The wounds are finally starting to heel. Little by little. Will you be supporting the Pigs this year?