Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Within the next few hours the NBL will announce that HUMMER (motor vehicles) will be the major sponsor for the next 12 months. Apparently the motor company is releasing a new automobile and see this as a good opportunity to promote the new release.

It shall be interesting to see what happens with the player of the week award now!

This is great for the league but I am more than happy to carry my tribe around in my NISSAN PATHFINDER (pictured). My three kids have enough room to swing a cat around in there. Check out http://www.parrynissan.com.au/ to see what I mean.

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Anonymous said...

That photo of you on your front page now is a certain way back when moment, however can you explain your motives behind that hair cut? As a then 10-year old I thought you were the oldest rookie ever who was already going bald.

JR said...


The hair cut was an early mid life crisis faze. Unlike some of my teammates today, my hair grew back and am the proud owner of a full head of hair.