Friday, September 7, 2007

Blaze Tear Us A New One

Penny Taylor, Finals MVP?

Lauren Jackson, League MVP!

Well it is a few hours since our preseason game against the Gold Coast Blaze has ended, and the result is still the same. We got our asses kicked. Plain and simple.

The score ended up 111-100 roughly, but the Blaze controlled the game and were the better team tonight. I feel like this game should be a good lesson for us. The Blaze wanted it more and we let them dictated everything tonight. The point here is we need to play with the same type of attitude the Blaze showed. Good team work and they just played harder than us. This is something coach Trevor Gleeson preaches, so there is no reason not to play with some passion.

One good thing to come out of tonight's game is the continued good form Mike Cedar is displaying right now. I'm sure his roommate Drew Williamson is taking some of the credit. Those long walks on the beach they have together are really working. Mike keep it up!

Rosell Ellis always puts forward an honest days work. Once again would have been close to a double double if not getting one.

As for the rest of us, Saturday (we play the Blaze in Mackay) cannot come soon enough so we can redeem ourselves.

For the Blaze, import point guard Jason Crowe seems to be getting a feel for the NBL. He showed he can knock down the three, penetrate and create for his teammates. With him doing this, James Harvey, Pero Cameron and Scott MacGregor get their feet set and blaze away. (no pun intended there) Their other import, Hawkins, seems like he is a good fit for this team. He will do a little of everything for this team. He is solid in all categories.

Greg Vanderjagt, Ben Pepper and Brad Sheridan did not play for the Crocs, while Ben Melmeth did not suit up for the Blaze. With Pepper, Vanderjagt and Melmeth not suiting up, can anybody tell me if there was a 7 footers convention in town tonight?

I will endeavour to get a boxscore of this game. Somehow though, this is not going to help my cause for this game.

***Don't forget that the WNBA finals are one right now. Phoenix vs Detroit. Aussies Penny Taylor and Belinda Snell are in the Phoenix line up. These games can be seen on ESPN. Here is a boxscore from Game 1.

Congratulations to Aussie Lauren Jackson for capturing her second WNBA MVP trophy.,21985,22376000-11088,00.html

***Also Europe qualifications are on right now. They have moved into the second round to see who will get to play in Beijing in 2008. is where you will find articles and boxscores.


MAGIC MAN said...

so talk to me about GY, is he going to OK, he certainly looks like he is out of sorts at this stage??

dry back said...

GY needs to find his shot, get a feel for the refs and what his teamates can do as well as what the nbl opposition is capable of, and then i feel he will find his feet and be a real force. Mike and Drew played well but need a confidence boost and need to take control when the big dogs(JR and GY) are off. Kelvin got burnt by Crowe to many times on D but was decent on offence and Egan(The Janitor(cause he cleans up after everyone)) was his usual self. Roe is a workhorse and looks to be a real 20 and 10 guy with some assists thrown in as well as some killer D. i think its probably time to stop now as this is JR's blog not mine, catch ya on the flip side.

JR said...

Magic Man/Dry Back:

Obviously you guys were at the game, and it was disappointing to say the least. Right now I think we are trying to settle into a rythme and figure out each other.

As you saw, we will not be as fast paced, but I honestly believe we can develop a style that will hold us in good stead when we play the "Big Dogs". Time will tell and I look forward to future analysis' from you both.

Red Rocket said...

Surely the Crocs would have been better served Signing Wayne Turner in GY spot and then running with an aussie SF. I hope GY proves me wrong but he hasnt shown anything in any of the preseason games to make me think otherwise! Cant wait too long for him to find his feet, the season is just round the corner..

MAGIC MAN said...

I have seen fortage of GY in his last GF, and he looked the goods, i did notice that he was or at least looked like he doing the PG thing, and he really looked good doing it, perhas he might be best served playing that role, to find his feet? he ain't doing much else (bar fouling)