Friday, September 14, 2007

Multi Tasking

Glen Saville, rumoured to be playing centre!

As I write this I'm chatting via messenger to my main man Brad Newley. He has got home from practice and is watching the AFL on the Internet. He has played one preseason game, winning easily. The team they played was equivalent to an ABA team. Next game for him is on Sunday.

We are discussing how over there in the Greek league you do absolutely no promotions. As for the Crocs, this is the busiest time of the year regarding this.

Just tonight we had a function for our season ticket holders, while on Wednesday we had another that was for corporate boxholders. Tomorrow we hit the shopping centre where fans can meet their favourite Croc. These promos are good in the respect that the fans get to meet the players before the season starts. In Townsville this is important as the fans like to get a feel for the players and their personality.

Oh back to Brad. He is finding his feet in Athens, especially driving on the other side of the road and their total disregard for lanes. Right now he enjoys his teammates company and practice is quite fun. I will be checking on him regularly so I will keep you informed once they start playing for keeps.

Newls has a little time on his hands so he recommends if you have some spare time on your hands.

If you read the Foxsports article below I think you may be just as surprised as me. Glen Saville is playing centre this year. Has Sav had a growth spurt in the off season?

Relevant NBL articles:,8659,22417563-23769,00.html

And for you basketball purists, vintage Sabonis!


Anonymous said...

Rillie man. great to get an update on newlos. but regarding to saville playing centre i dont think so when the kings got hinder and crosswhite on there roster.

also for those that are interested i found another basketball on another site. cameron tovey is writing a fortnightly blog at -

take care rillie and best of luck for the season.

JR said...


Thanks for your comments and well wishes. I was being very tongue in check about Sav playing centre.

Anonymous said...

Nice work JR,reading the article you posted from the SMH who's the new import called Brad Sheriden??!!!

JR said...

That new import Brad Sheridan is a ghostly white perimeter player. Although new, he has played 9 seasons in the NBL.