Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Tips for Week 2, Anstey is POW & NBA Rumours

Week 2 begins tomorrow night and it will see my Crocs take on the Sydney Kings. If you do not live in the Ville you can catch all the action on Fox Sports. Coverage starts at 7.00pm.

Crocs vs Kings.....easy choice
Slingers vs Blaze...Someone is going to get in the "w" column. Something is telling me the Slingers. Maybe Mike Helms will have 50.
Hawks vs Bullets....Bullets are returning from China, so travelling is not an issue. The champs in this one.
36ers vs Tigers...Traditionally a good match up no matter what form says. Tigers too big and deep.
Pigs vs Wildcats...A couple of Rookie sensations will match up here. Knight vs Laughton should be worth the money. Laughton has too many good friends on his squad. Wildcats!
Taipans vs Blaze.....Cattalini out, Mee in, more court time for rookie Nathan Jawai to impress. Cairns at home for me. Best match up of the night will be after the game. Jawai vs Cameron at the dinner table.

Check this out...Croc gets snappy!

Relevant NBL articles:

http://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/newsdetail1.asp?storyID=124896 Penney fitness

http://www.nbl.com.au/default.aspx?s=newsdisplay&id=72204 Player of the week

NBA Gossip:

Lynn Greer has been released from the Bucks, will play in Greece for the next 2 years

Look for the Mavs to move Greg Buckner and DJ Benga

New Orleans trying to create cap space...Bobby Jackson maybe the victim here

Cavs are trying to keep Pavlovic, but negotiations have hit a stalemate

Tony Battie may be out for the season


MAGIC MAN said...

you need 40 10 10 tonight mate, get GY to play and we might have a chance... good luck!!

JR said...

Magic Man:

Before tip off I was thinking I needed to have a big one. I did not deliver. Hope your game goes/went better this week.

MAGIC MAN said...

so what happens now? do we get a new import?

Galen young, the unluckest man in basket, boy the refs screwed us last night.

JR said...

Magic Man:

NBL rules will allow us to replace Rosell Ellis, but we have to wait two weeks before replacing. Not sure why, but these are the rules.

Galen has seen the short end of the straw so far.