Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Box Scores for QLD Cup


Jake said...

Most obliged for the box scores but still amazed we had to rely on a NBL player's personal web site to produce them.
Best of luck this season, JR.

JR said...


In between dropping three's, I'm just trying to give the fans what they want. I'm hoping the season goes well to. Thanks.

MAGIC MAN said...

the box scores suggest that you are doing that, on fire would be another way of putting it!!
should be fun to watch this season if you continue to knock them down like that.

Anonymous said...

JR - an excellent shooting display on the weekend. But how about Mick Cedar. What a year this boy should have. Graham - Billabong Caravan Park

JR said...


Cedar is certainly having a great preseason. He is playing with great confidence right now. If he can continue with this, he will have a bright season ahead of him. I'm hoping he does well as he is putting in the extra work needed.