Monday, September 17, 2007

My Picks - week 1

What is this guy doing today? Find out below!

If any of you punters are in tipping comps, here is my opinion!

Blaze v Bullets - Fox Sports 2 - 7.00pm preshow (Wednesday).....There will be hype and fireworks surrounding this game considering it is the first game for the new boys. When the smoke clears, too many Bullets will have fired.

Pigs v Crocs - Crocs for my liking.

Slingers v Tigers - Too big, too good Tigers.

Breakers v Taipans - The Breakers need to win at home to build some early momentum. The Kiwis for me as there are some injury worries for the Snakes. If you are in New Zealand tune into Sky Sports for the action on Thursday.

36ers v Hawks - Adelaide will keep the fan faithful happy with a home opening win

Dragons v Pigs - Talk about Fibros and Silvertails. It pains me to say S-I-L-V-E-R-T-A-I-L but Heal will not let his troops lose this one.

Taipans v Crocs - The local derby with some spice called Abney. Crocs please.

Tigers v Hawks - Hawks are dealt a tough start to the season. Tigers at home.

Wildcats v Slingers - Philips vs Helms. Philips has the better supporting cast, so the Cats.

Kings v Blaze - Kings are notorious slow starters to a season, but the Blaze have to come off a lot of emotion from the season opener. Kings in a close one.

Congratulations to Penny Taylor, Belinda Snell and the Phoenix Mercury for being crowned the WNBA champions. They defeated the Detroit Shock 3 games to 2 in the Finals Series. See more at

Russia took out the European Olympic qualifications. Check it out at

Relevant NBL articles;,22606,22429581-5006371,00.html

Where are they now:
Rick Brunson


Darren said...

You guys have no chance against the pigs, but I guess you have to say the crocs are going to win.

JR said...

Your loyalty is unquestionable. See you there!