Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Own Scouting Report

Next week we start our season against the Razorbacks. New coach Rob Beverage will have a long list of things to do so I thought I would sent him my highlights package to save him some time on scouting me.

The Crocs preseason list of injuries just got longer today. In quite a mysterious turn of events I dislocated my finger playing defense. Hold the applause please. I was back on the court in a matter of minutes. Cam Whiting only needed two practice goes to finally get it back in place on the third crack. Some sticky tape around the ring and pinkie fingers and I was ready to roll again.

Right as I was reentering practice, Greg Vanderjagt did the same thing. Dislocated one of his fingers. Here is an example of old school versus the new. Vanderjagt instantly found the fetal position. Whiting, who is looking for double time pay today, popped Vanderjagt's twig back in place. With everything back in place Vanderjagt proceeded to find a piece of ice the size of the Antarctic to conclude his practice for the day.

After practice, it was time to hit the weights room. Vanderjagt left the building to get a X-Ray, MRI, CAT SCAN and Ultra sound to make sure all was ok.

It has just been confirmed, Greg will live to fight another day. Phew!

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DJ Rod said...

I heard you cried!

JR said...


It helped the agonizing pain I was in!!!!!!!!!!!!!