Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vintage MJ

Footage has surfaced of a 46 yo Michael Joradan still holdong court with that lethal fade away.


Anonymous said...

if he came back today he'd still be in the top 10%!

Clint Wog said...

No chance.Basketball is a full court game. If it was half court and no running I would consider agreeing with you.

ClintDogg said...

Jordan has still got it.

Anonymous said...

Alpha Magazine has a list of their top 100 athletes of all time... Jordan isn't even on the cover and only makes #3 behind Ali and The Don.

I personally don't think Ali was a great sportsperson, just a great talker that was good at sport.

#4 is Tiger
#5 is Maradonna
#57 Wilt & #77 Kareem are the only other ballers

I'd love JR to blog about his top 10 !!!

Anonymous said...

Jordan is basketball. there is now arguement about it.. greatest basketball player to ever live.