Sunday, August 30, 2009

Catching Up With The News

Is this the secret to rebounding? Find out which former NBL player may think so.
If you happened to have had a weekend like me where you did not really have a chance to scratch yourself, here are all the links to get you up to speed as you enjoy your first cuppa come Monday morning.

- The Australian Boomers remain undefeated at the Stankovic Cup in China. Just hours ago they defeated the African powers of Angola,
70-60, to go 3-0 in the touney to date.

The Boomers play China tomorrow in the final for the Cup.

For more details click
here for a write up and video footage of the game.

- Basketball Australia's CEO Larry
Sengstock is confident teams in Sydney and Brisbane are only a season away.

- Former Gold Coast Blaze import and part time rapper Luke
Whitehead, has been arrested in Louisville, Kentucky on several drug charges.

- New Cairns Taipans import Skip "don't call me Pat"
Mills should suit up for the Snakes when they take on the Melbourne Tigers Monday.

- Former Newcastle Falcon sharp shooter Michael
Johnson is about to "dream" with the Singapore Slingers. Remember them? And Bob Turner, CEO of the Slingers believes they are getting closer to a good product.

- It has been a tough weekend for my former team, the Townsville Crocodiles. Playing the undermanned Melbourne Tigers in back to back games over the weekend, the Crocs came up lame on both occasions.

Game 1 was a
90-81 scoreline with Luke Kendall torching the net for 14 first quarter points and a game high 27.

Game 2 was more of the same but the Melbourne Tigers got solid contributions from many. They had everyone trouble the scorekeeper with five reaching double figures. The final score was

- The Adelaide 36ers have won their 3 game series against the Perth Wildcats over in the west. Adelaide won the third game to take the series 2-1.

You can get the scoop on this series from Perth journo Shane Hope, Monday morning
right here, and I'm sure Adelaide scribe Boti Nagy will have something to say as well.

- Watch this You Tube footage and see if you can be as creative as Shaq
while playing Scrabble.


Anonymous said...

Like all of us, you spoke too soon, JR.
Boomers play Turkey who beat China last night.
Everyone has had a chance to be part of this winning team, warm and fuzzy all over.
Harvey still Captain, good for him.
Schenscher and Rush still without jobs next season but doing it for their country.
Good luck tonight, Guys.

Anonymous said...

You do realise these teams are the B teams and even to an extent C teams? Its great to win this little tourney but lets be realistic. Its a garbage tournament that does not mean much besides the 50k prize money.

Isaac said...

Everyone is aware of that Anon, but they get flown over and they can only try and win what's put in front of them. Since South America, it's unfortunately been one very bad game out of five that has defined their season.

And the Kiwis had almost the reverse, having a poor European tour, but winning the one game that counted the most.

In this case, it's basically a Boomers C+ team that's playing, so it's like vs like.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct.
Why does someone always follow a positive Boomers' post with a negative?
We are all painfully well aware who is missing from this team but look what they've achieved?
Since when has a Boomers' team even overchieved?
BA need to give thanks for this group saving some credibility with the Aussie public who only know wins and losses, not whys and ifs.
Brown will be learning more from this experience than he ever imagined.
Go Aussies tonight..........

Anonymous said...

Ok sorry I didn't mean it to sound so negative. But in saying so you can't say JR spoke too soon. One game out 5 gets you to Olympic medal playoffs.

Anonymous said...

1 game out of 5 with your B team.

Do we honestly think we would've lost if we had Bogut, Mills, Andersen etc?

ClintDogg said...

Im not supporting the BOOMERs until they get rid of idiots like AJ Ogilvy.

Luke Whitehead got busted hey?. Kavossy Franklin, Michael Kingma etc etc better be careful then. Whitehead will prob do some time.

Anonymous said...

If the other teams had their absent players of the calibre of Bogut, Andersen etc, there's a chance we may have lost.
We've never gone thru 3-0 to the Gold Medal so this is a "first". We've never even gone thru to the Gold Medal game before.
"ClintDogg" be careful what you very careful!!