Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hawks/St Mary's Video Footage

The Wollongong Hawks have already come out of the blocks fast. Here is a video package that has been done up of their recent (Monday night) game against St Mary's College from USA at the "Snake Pit".

I'm going to go out on a limb now and saying the Hawks franchise will be the leader in the NBL as far a worthwhile cyber content goes.

This is a great start Wollongong, but can you keep it up?

Wollongong Hawks 2009 from Laww Media on Vimeo.


Brett said...

Great stuff from the Hawks, as a longtime season ticket holder and someone who now lives in Brisbane its good to be able to keep track of them, all we need is some better coverage in traditional media and ill be happy.

I don't see why more clubs don't get involved in new media.

Anonymous said...

u can still be a member of the club from Bris - just not a season ticket holder!

Brett said...

I am ;)

ClintDogg said...

Such a shame about Skindog_thehawk giving them such a bad name in Cyber space.

Anonymous said...

compared to your good self?

Anonymous said...

lift you game DJ Rod!! Benchmark set.