Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aussies You May Never Have Heard Of

I have been searching high and low for undiscovered talent or players that people may not of seen too much of. Here is some footage of Aussies that you may never of heard of before now. (Please contact me if you know of others.)

Alex Opacic

Alex is a western Sydney kid of Serbian background. He practiced with the West Sydney Razorbacks before he headed off to Furman in the USA.

I would describe Alec's game as solid and all round. Can do a little of everything but nothing great. I have been told that his low post game has improved and has a few "go to" moves there.

He was practicing with the Wollongong Hawks but he has just taken up an offer to play in Greece at the A-2 level.

The age rule hurts a kid like this. I believe he turns 23 this year which makes him ineligible for the YAP position.

Sean Mullan

Mullan is heading off to college where he will be attending the academically minded University of Pennsylvania.

Mullan is a 2-3 with size and strength. After watching Mullan at the U/20 National Tournament, I believe he will keep developing his game nicely and will be back in Australia at the NBL after his college career.

Jonathon Mines

I have just been put onto this young fella so I will be digging up some more info. I happened to play with and against his father Sidney.

Sidney was a hell of an athlete in his own right. If you watch the clips closely, Sid is coaching the team. What I noticed though is Sid still loves to hike his pants up, just in case the rains hit.

Jono, I hope your game has as much character as your "old man" had.


Anonymous said...

Would be interesting to get a feel for how Daniel Kickert, the wombat Steve Markovic etc are developing

Lee Jeka is a guy that seems to have elevated his game in Germany

Any idea what Aaron Bruce is going to do in 09-10?

Anonymous said...

Boring JR

Anonymous said...

I never get excited about how any player gets to play in Europe whenthey have a double-passport.
It's the list of Australian guys who don't have that elusive number 2 passport and still play, that I admire and congratulate.

ClintDogg said...

Scrub Ball.

Nick said...

hey JR

was wondering if you've heard of a young point guard by the name of jarrad weeks, currently playing aba for the hornsby spiders?

extremely exciting, quick, athletic. has had div1 offers but red-tape so far has stopped him going overseas. i think training with bill tomlinson?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3. You are a moron. So if you were able to get a euro passport and earn 100k instead of 25k you would pass. Yeah, pull another one you clown.

mookie said...

Nice work, JR. These are the type of things we don't hear about through the mainstream media. The more of this, the better.