Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No More Mr Magic On Fox

FoxSports Steve Carfino is gone......
When you read this post in the morning as you are having your cereal, toast and coffee do not choke on what you are about to read.

Mr Steve Carfino has been made redundant from Fox Sports. It is my understanding that this decision went down on Tuesday.
That's right people "Mr Magic" will no longer be part of the Fox Sports NBL coverage.

What will be interesting to see is who moves into the main chair now. Does Andrew Gaze slide across and make room for a new face? Does John Casey "get the user friendly roll, with the none preferred left hand" recall and team up with Basketball Australia Board member Gaze?

It will be interesting to see where the cards fall after this bombshell was dropped on me earlier today.

All I know is the new program producer (see trivia question below) has my details.

Quick trivia question. Who started at the point guard spot for the West Sydney Razorbacks in there first ever official NBL game?

Answer (below): The new producer of the FoxSports basketball coverage.


- When other websites are struggling for hits, they bring in a the heavy hitter to help their cause.

- Trial import "Skip" Mills is ready to "knuckle down" with the Cairns Taipans.

- Maori TV is back on board as the TV host of the New Zealand Breakers. Could we see Steve Carfino giving us the "word for the game" during the Maori broadcast.

- Julian Khazzouh signs with Ironi Ramat Gan in the Israeli top league.

- The Aussie Boomers get their first win of their South American tour. They beat international power's Uruguay 101-94.

Spain bound David Barlow was once again the leading scorer for the green and gold with 24.

- Cortez Groves is ready to fire for his new team, the Adelaide 36ers.

- A-League coach takes shot at basketball in Brisbane.

- Trivia Question Answer: Leigh Carlson


Snoop Wogg said...

He was also in the first 8 for the first ever Tainers Indoor side too, I do believe. Spiz still hasn't forgiven us for given LC a Tainers tracksuit before him...

ClintDogg said...

Snoop Wogg speak ENGLISH please.
Ive worked along side Steve Carfino (and played against him at many tournaments) and he did a great job. But i must admit, some of his USA-isms were not what we wanted here 4 Basketball Aust.

"word for the game" in Maori TV is a JOKE!. What do they say i cant work it out?.

Anonymous said...

Steve Carfino was very entertaining and was an excellent commentator. He also seemed have good chemistry with Andrew Gaze - We (the family) are sorry to see him go, but roll on the new season - no Brisbane notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

VERY disappointed to see Steve Carfino given the boot, and I will be especially unimpressed if Casey stays. It was always my impression that it was Carfino who actually knew what he was talking about.

Bradtke...NO!, well it will be amusing to see Glenn Saville in his first interview, whack gaze across the head whilst yelling "It's SAVille, not savIlle!!! That man has the sort of speech dyslexia that should not be seen (or heard) on the telly. He is very likeable, though. The lovable goof.

I'd like to see John Rillie, Simon Kerle or (god forbid) Shane Heal be given tryouts. A good combination of eloquence and a slightly wicked sense of humour.

I've always been rather amused by the accusations that Carfino is too American for the game. Apart from the fact it's an American game, I believe the guy was born there. Imagine the outcry if he attempted an Australian accent, peppered with plenty of strewths and crikeys.

Eric said...

Casey is terrible. If Carfino's gone for him...bad move Fox

Eric said...

Oh and the argument of Carfino being too American...stupid.

Anonymous said...

CASEY does a very very bogas job. his voice / his sayings / his shitty stats. he has no idea.

comes across very un-natural.

OT Fan #1 said...

I believe Casey is doing some regional ABC radio so I don't think he is with Fox at all anymore.

I like the move. It was embarrasing hearing hi
get names wrong and facts wrong all the time. He was calling Andrew Gaze Andrew Vlahov during one game and Gazey was sitting right next to him!!!

Time for some young blood mixed with some recent legends of the game. Kerle, Heal, JR, Brendan Joyce?, Brett Maher, Ricky Grace, etc

Anonymous said...

Bit of a shame really to see him go, has been an NBL commentator since the channel 10 days.

Brought excitement and experience to the commentary team, will be very tough to replace.

Anonymous said...

ClintDogg no one likes you. Your a try hard wigger. Please go away.

Anonymous said...

Simon Kerle & JR.. thats my vote! 2 absolute characters of the game that would make watching entertaining along with the basketball knowledge

Anonymous said...

Please please... don't let basketball get like those clowns for the AFL.
Dunstall and Frawley make fools of themselves.
Aussie rules are too big a game to make a fool of it but basketball isn't.
JR...if you get the job, please don't be like either of them...

ClintDogg said...

lol at people thinking JA will get a run, LMAO.

His wanna bee USA accent wont work, it doesnt on his radio show so it wont on TV. HAHAHAHAHA.

KeysyinChina said...

Are you inferring that Leighbags Carlson was behind this sacking JR? Did Carfino diss him on air many years back and he never forgot?

Whatever the case, good to see Leigh back in the workforce after his crack at the AFL. The boy has come a long way since when I used to pay him 20 bucks an hour for miniball coaching at the Whitlam Centre...