Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ingles Saves The Day

Joe Ingles saved the day for the Boomers tonight.

For what appeared to be a scrappy Game 1 of this Australian Boomers versus New Zealand Tall Blacks series, Joe Ingles stepped up in the fourth and saved what could have eventuated into an embarrassing lose for the Boomers.

Ingles (game high 26pts) was the man to kick start the green and gold in the first quarter, then he saved his best until the fourth, when his team really needed it. The Boomers eventually overcome a pesky Tall Blacks 84-77.

For the first three quarters of the game, it looked like most guys on the floor were trying to show their respective coaches they deserved to be on the floor. I guess that can happen when you feel this is an opportunity to impress.

As everyone would have expected, Kirk Penney (23pts) was the offensive punch for the Kiwi's early. To my surprise Penney received scoring support from 7 foot centre Alex Pledger (16pts), but most of these would have come in the first half.

It looked like this game was going to become an arm wrestle down the stretch until Ingles stepped up and showed why he has generated interest from the NBA over the past few years.

He kick started it with a stand still three and followed it up with a rhythm two along the baseline. Then Tom Abercrombie become putty in Ingles hand. The rest is history and the Boomers move on to Game 2 with a +7 advantage (two game series so points spread can come into it if it ends 1-1).

Just a few notes from the game:

- Mark Worthington was dressed in street clothes. Does anyone know why "Wortho" did not grace the court tonight?

- Tom Abercrombie was "apple crumble" tonight. If he wants to make me a believer about this hype he is receiving, he better bring something on Tuesday.

- Nathan Jawai needs to slow down in the post. "Heath" Pledger is not going to cause you any headaches down low. Slow down young fella.

- Brad Newley can still sniff out some points late in a game. Andrew Gaze was speechless during this part of the game as it brought back fond memories.

- Damien Martin was surprised to see that many people attend a basketball game at the State Sports Centre. I would still like to see what the official attendance was...and I hope they only counted Andrew Vlahov once.

- Message to Joey Wright about Mika Vukona's "smooth stroke"..that is Vukona having an offensive game.

There you have it, don't forget Game 2 is on Fox Sports Tuesday at 5pm.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Wortho hurt his foot right at the end of yesterday's training. Not sure what's wrong, but he was noticeably limping at the game tonight.

ClintDogg said...

AJ Ogilvy can not play, hes total garbage.

Anonymous said...

He's got a friend in Baynes also.
Don't know why PC didn't get a run and also why Ingles is set loose but others are restricted. Paid off tonite but not always. Everyone else had to go inside to the Bigs.
It's been a while since I've seen such "individuality" and it ain't pretty!

Anonymous said...

Heel injury for Wortho - I almost wrote 'Heal' injury ahahaha

Anonymous said...

Boomers Basketball at its best.

Anonymous said...

Click your heels and say.....
"we're missing half our team..
we're missing half our team...."
Don't worry!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone see changes for the next game ?
Stephen Weigh, Ater Majok, Liam Rush, Mark Worthington all watching in street clothes.

Anonymous said...

No changes.
Those guys are hanging around for the China trip,to cover the possible injuries and absentees after Game 2.

Anonymous said...

Is this one of the events for the Boomers that Vlahov organised?
If so, i thought he would be better at it after 18 years at the Wildcats. Sydney? You should know better, anyone knows better.
Can't we get an Aussie to sing our national anthem?
Why wasn't Wortho replaced when he was def out by the morning?

Anonymous said...

With ClintDogg on the Ogilvy claim, he was rubbish. The organisation at the Stata Sports Centre was poor. Doesn't bode well for a team returning to the NBL.

ClintDogg said...

So some of you went to the game then?

Tell me what it was like?

Sushi Cowboy said...

ClintDogg, it was like warm apple pie.